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No. There is no organism involved in the transmission of athlete's foot. Transmissions take place in moist environments where people walk barefoot, e.g., showers, Swimming Pools, etc

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Q: Does athletes foot have a vector?
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Why is athletes foot called athletes foot?

this is called athletes foot because the first person to get it was an athlete:0...

What does athletes foot feel like?

Athletes foot itches and burns, and over time it will get more painful. If you have athletes foot, treat it immediately or it could get very bad. Athletes foot is a fungal infection and eats way at your foot.

Can athletes foot cause death?

No....its just athletes foot

Is athletes foot deadly?

I'm pretty sure that athletes foot is not deadly.

Can mometasone furoate cream be used for athletes foot?

I have athlets foot bad and was wondering if Mometasone furoate ointment can be used for athletes foot?

Scientific name of athletes foot?

tinea pedis is athletes foot scientific name

Is athletes foot biotic or abiotic?

Athletes foot is biotic since it is a fungus

The symptoms of Athletes foot?

There are several symptoms of Athletes Foot. A few of the symptoms are blisters on feet, itching, burning, and stinging. There are several brands of medicine that can be purchased over the counter for Athletes Foot.

What creams can you use for athletes foot?

You could use limeaseal for athletes foot I used to have it but limeaseal worked

Where is athletes foot found?

I like pie...... I think you find athletes foot, in your pie... or is it your foot, sorry cnt remember:) xoxox Sammy.c

Can you get athletes foot on the sole of the foot?


Where did athletes foot originate from?

You might get athletes foot from walking in locker rooms, or swimming in contaminated swimming pools.

What is althletes foot?

A type of fungus that grows in between the toes. Its called athletes foot because its usually athletes or sporty people that get it. You can when you have athletes foot because you will have flaky skin in between your toes and it will be slightly painful to walk.

How does athletes foot eat?

it feeds on foot food

Where is athletes foot most likely to be found?

on your foot.

How long does it take for germs on my dog to die such as spit and sweat and athletes foot?

dogs don't got athletes foot.

Why do they call it athletes foot?

They called it athletes foot because of people who do sport and sweat they start growing fungus in there feet.

What are the effects on the athletes in sporting events?

leg pains and athletes foot

Can your cat catch athletes foot from you?

Athletes foot is a type of fungus on the feet. Cats are susceptible to transmitting this from humans since it is a fungus.

Does putting shoes and socks in the freezer kill athletes foot?

No, athletes foot is caused by a fungus. Freezing does not necessarily kill a fungus.

Who discovered athletes foot?

dylan peacock

Can you be born with athletes foot?


What does athletes foot feed on?

the skin and flesh inside the foot

Is athletes foot a running injury?

No. It is a fungal infection of the foot.

Is athletes foot caused by a virus?

athletes food are actually caused by fungus