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Q: Does anyone want to buy the Detroit Lions nfl team?
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I want to know when can I tryout for the Detroit Lions team

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no its not the worst football team if you really want to start on bad football teams it would be the college team KU and NFL team the Detroit Lions

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What is your autographed 1960 Detroit Lions football worth?

alot.... why would you even want to sell it... it could probably go for.... 6,000?

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I assume you are asking "What football has a name that starts with "L"." In college there are many. LSU Louisiana Monroe Louisville Louisiana Tech and all of the other Louisiana schools. In the pros there are none. If you want to talk pro mascots, there is the Detroit Lions.

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I am happy here to see that a lot of communities are here to get best answers and anyone can ask any question here so i want to know what is the name of airport Detroit city which is most popular .?

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