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CaddyTrek and OMG Srl make them. Shadow Caddy use to make one, but they went bankrupt.

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Q: Does anyone make a follow-me remote golf trolley?
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What is golf cart in french?

golf cart = Voiturette Trolley = chariot

What is an electric golf trolley?

An electric golf trolley is basically a tool to help you carry your golf clubs around. It is powered by a battery and makes your golfing experience much less stressful.

Can you replace the tires on an electric golf trolley?

Yes, you can do this. But it depends which trolley it is, some brands you cannot do it on.

Where can an electric golf trolley be purchased?

If your looking for a reasonably priced golf trolley is always the best bet. However if your looking for a brand new one then I recommend

Is an 18 hole golf trolley battery interchangeable with a 36 hole battery?

Yes, the trolley doesn't know the difference. If you buy a trolley that has an 18 hole battery, you can change it for a 36 hole battery no problem.

When might one use a motocaddy?

A motocaddy is an electric golf trolley used to carry golf clubs and accessories. One might use a motocaddy on the golf course or when traveling long distances with golf equipment.

Why don't golf caddies use a trolley?

There are elevated tees and narrow pathways which would make a trolley impracticle. Trolleys are not allowed on tee boxes or greens so instead of wheeling the trolley round them, they can simply and quickly walk over them.

Where can one purchase a golf trolley at a discounted price?

It is possible to purchase a gold trolley at a discounted price by searching on ebay or craigslist. Though they might be used, it is possible to find a good deal on those websites.

Where are PowaKaddy trolleys sold at?

PowaKaddy golf trolleys are sold at Golf Gear Direct. They sell a variety of models from the base model to the most advanced fully loaded trolley models.

Where can a Powakaddy Freeway be bought?

A Powakaddy Freeway is an electric golf bag trolley made in England, and sold in 50 countries. They can be purchased at better golf supply stores, or online at websites such as Caddy Country or Amazon.

How many calories does an average woman burn playing 18 holes of golf?

Based on a 150 lb woman, 30 minutes golf is around 140 calories (carrying clubs) and 90 (with trolley) and hardly any in a buggy. So for 18 holes, say 3 hours 30 minutes, 980 calories (carrying clubs) and 630 (with trolley).

Who makes oozler golf equipment?

No can anyone tell me?

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