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Q: Does any one know what thornblade swimteam's mascot is?
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Is there any way to get both the Thornblade and the Staff of Indarys in Oblivion?

if u cheat

What is the name of mascot?

well it can be any mascot which mascot are u looking for??

What is heald colleges mascot?

I want to know what is the mascot of healdcollege?Think about this question for just a moment. Heald would not have a mascot because they are a "get in get out" school. They are not a college that has any kind of sports activities. Instead they focus all their time on pure academics. So of course you wouldn't find a mascot because there is none.

What team had the first mascot in any sport?

Yale University was the first to acquire a mascot. The official mascot was a bulldog and this was established in 1889.

Are there any college teams with a lion mascot?

old dominion

What is this site's animal mascot?

There isn't any what do you think, dude?

Are there any black Russians in the military?

Yes, there are. But little. They often be like a mascot(точнее talisman, mascot - некрасивое слово) in corps (=.

What is garrys sensei caendce penguin band password on the 21st of decber 2009?

You cannot enter any moderator or mascot (cadence, rockhopper, sensei, etc.) even if you know their password. Only moderators or club penguin employees can access the mascot accounts. Hope this helped

Do the Miami marlins have any mascots?

yes they do their mascot's name is billy the marlin.

Does new york have any other animals as mascot?

The state bird is the eastern bluebird

What was the mascot for Richards High School when Dwyane Wade when there?

When Dewayne Wade went to Richards High School there school mascot was a bulldog.if you have any more questions on him just ask!-kcoulter

Where they any mascots for the 1900 olympic games in Paris?

no. the first mascot was in 1972.It was Waldi the Duchhound

Is a mascot a common noun?

Yes, the noun mascot is a common noun, a general word for any mascot of any kind.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, or thing; for example:Pilgrim Pete (Plymouth Argyle Football Club)Benny the Bull (Chicago Bulls Basketball Team)The San Diego Chicken (San Diego Padres Baseball Team)

What is the mascot of Heald College?

i cant find this anwer any where if you can the post it here but nobody else can find it

Does any university use the pirate as a mascot?

Yes East Carolina University located in Greenville, NC

What is the mascot of Georgia tech?

A Yellow Jacket, not a Bumble Bee or Wasp, nor any other flying insect

What are the ucsf colors?

The color is teal but they don't have any sports and their mascot is a golden bear but a nice sensitive one.

Whats the mascot of UCSF Can anyone offer a picture?

UCSF doesn't have any athletics program. 145 years and still no sports. So there is no official mascot. If any, it would probably be a bear, as once upon a time it was considered the Medical School for the University of California (Golden Bears).

Is there any college football team that has a lion for mascot?

Many NCAA and NAIA institutions have a lion as a mascot. Some include Columbia, Southeastern Louisiana and Texas A&M-Commerce. However, no Division I-FBS team is nicknamed the Lions.

What species of penguin is the Linux mascot?

Tux does not correspond precisely to any real-world penguin species. Torvalds was inspired to have a penguin as a mascot after an attack by a Fairy Penguin. In appearance, Tux most closely resembles the Adelie Penguin.

What is Portugals mascot?

Portugal doesn't have any official mascot, but Galo de Barcelos which means Barcelos Rooster is usually used as a symbol of Portugal. Barcelos is a Portuguese city and its popular for one legend about a rooster. The Barcelos Rooster image is very different and stylized and if Portugal would have an official Mascot Barcelos Rooster would be it.

What is the most important Pokemon to catch in crystal?

The most important pokemon to catch in any game is its mascot, in this case Suicune.

How do you become a sports team mascot?

Go to the cheer coach and ask if there are any openings and if she says yes then ask if you can tryout.

Does any college team have pink as a school color?

Yes, Northampton Area Community College. There mascot is a pink spartan!

What are the purposes of college mascots?

The purpose of college mascots is the same as any other mascots: anthropologically mascots are totems to which people can relate, build team spirit by sharing a mascot, and maybe even feel possessing the same skills or charasteristics associated to the mascot. For example, a fox as an mascot can be associated with being clever, fast, and maybe even witty.