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Gary Bettman and Pierre McGuire do.

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Q: Does any one have a crush on Sidney Crosby?
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How do you like the Flyers but LOVE Sidney Crosby?

Because Sidney Crosby is one of the best hockey players to ever step on the ice.

How many peewee hockey teams has Sidney Crosby been on?

Sidney Crosby has gotten 223 goals since joining the NHL. He also has 386 assists. Sidney Crosby has scored all the goals in his career with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

How many siblings do Sidney Crosby have?

He has one sister, then his parents.

Who is Sidney Crosbys girlfriend?

As of April 2014, Sidney Crosby is currently dating model Kathy Leutner.

Was Sidney Crosby the youngest one to play hockey?

he is the (or one of the) youngest captains to date

How do you do the Sidney Crosby move in hockey?

well no one can do it as skilled as he does so its impossible

How much is Sidney Crosby first goal card worth?

no one cares

How many times has Sidney Crosby been in the Olympics?

only one counting these Olympics

Who is Sidney Crosby's dad?

Troy Crosby his sister is Taylor mom is Trina

Why nickname sid the kid Sidney Crosby?

Sounds like Cindy because when Sidney joined the team he was 19 and the youngest

What are some of Sidney Crosby's nicknames?

Sid the Kid, The Next One, and Captain Cry Baby.

What year did Sidney Crosby have a concussion?

He has had two. The first one from Steckal and the second one was from Hedman.