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mechillle mccool is going out with undertaker but broke up and viki was going out with him but broke up HHH is married to Stephanie McMahon (they have two kids), HBK is married to Rebecca Curi who was never a WWE Diva, but was a WCW Nitro Girl, Booker T and Sharmell are married she was a WWE diva and a WCW Nitro girl although she did not become a diva until after they were married.

Bobby Lashley And Krystal Are Married Too They Are Wating To Have sex if bobby lashley would be a man and not a wusy

Sara was a diva for a while. At least she appeared in one of the diva swimsuit magazines. I don't recall Sara Wrestling at all but I know for a fact she was in the second divas swimsuit issue because I am looking at it right now.


July 2010 0 Vickie never dated Taker, and Michelle and Taker never broke up!! In fact they were married on June 26, 2010 in Houston, Texas. Bobby Lashley and Kristal have a baby so apprently they weren't waiting to have sex. Sara was never a diva, she was never a wrestler, and she was never in the diva's swimsuit magazines!

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Yes. Beth Phoenix is Married to a Wrestler by The name of Joey Knight. Jillian Hall is Engaged to Professional Wrestler John Toland. Michelle McCool is Dating Mark Calaway Better Known as The Undertaker. Natalya Is Dating Tyson Kidd. The Rest of The divas are single.

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John Cena,Kane,Chris Jericho,Zack Ryder,Edge,Sheamus,Shawn Micheals,Christian,Randy Orton,Ted Dibiase Jr and many many more.(Shawn Micheals,Christian and Randy Orton are married)

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Q: Does any WWE diva have a boyfriend?
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