Does an undertaker drive the hearse?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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no.but maybe someone else

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Q: Does an undertaker drive the hearse?
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Can you drive a hearse with a class 5 license in Canada?


Cadillac 1989 hearse front wheel drive?

Depends on whether the hearse is based on the DeVille (FWD) or Fleetwood (RWD)

What car does Eli drive from degrassi?

Eli drives a Hearse!! :)

What does Mark Musgrove enjoy most about being a funeral director?

Because he likes to drive the hearse.

Can you own and drive a hearse in New York City if you do not work for a funeral home?

Yes. As long as the vehicle is insured and properly registered, you can own and operate a hearse anywhere.

What is the vehicle that transports the casket to the cemetery called?

A hearse, also called a funeral coach.

Where can the hearse be found in gta Liberty City stories?

Hearse is behind the Hospital in Staunton. Drive around and you'll see what looks like a station wagon parked out back opposite side of the ambulance. You have to get there from the street.

Where can one purchase an old hearse?

One can purchase an old hearse from the following sources: Graveyard Haulerz, Craigslist, Local Mortuaries, My Hearse, Hearse Driver, Speciality Hearse, to name a few.

When was The Hearse created?

The Hearse was created in 1980-06.

What is the duration of The Hearse?

The duration of The Hearse is 1.58 hours.

Why is a hearse called a hearse?

because of mike hawk

When was Hearse - band - created?

Hearse - band - was created in 2001.