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Yes it does, depending on the specific gravity of the liquid, and what makes the object "bouyant". I enquote this as a nitrogen blown wetsuit would not be bouyant in a Hydrogen atmosphere. I refer you to Archimedes on this one. [[User:Cjonb|Cjonb]] 00:27, 3 Jun 2008 (UTC)

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Q: Does an objects buoyant force change when put in different liquids?
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What objects are of neutral bouyancy?

The question makes no sense. Objects are buoyant in a surrounding fluid; change the fluid, change their buoyancy.

Are all liquids can be change to solid?

Yes, but at different temperatures.

How do salt crystals change color?

You can put them in different liquids to change the color!😀

How do some objects change when they are heated?

Solid objects may melt into a liquid form when they are heated. Liquids may become gases when heated. When objects are combined and heated, they can become new objects altogether, like in cooking.

As an objects sinks does the buoyant force increase or decrease?

Normally you can assume that the density of the liquid won't change much; nor the density of the sinking object. Therefore, the buyant force won't change significantly.

When objects change by tearing crushing or melting but do not change into different substances a?

A physical change has occurred.

Do different liquids used in bongs get you higher?

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Do all liquids evaporate and solidify at the same temperature?

No. All liquids have different specific freezing points. Some liquids may have the same point, but that doesnt change anything.

Is pouring three liquids into a single container form distinct layers an examples of a chemical change?

No. It is a physical change. The layers occur because the three liquids have different densities. There is no chemical change taking place.

Why do waves change directions?

when they go through different states (Solids, liquids) and go through different densitys!

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when they go through different states (Solids, liquids) and go through different densitys!