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The position of an athlete can affect their performance, there will be a good effect when the position of the athlete is exact and correct because in this way they can perform a right thing and produce a productive, useful, interesting and wonderful performance.

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Body type can have a tremendous impact on performance in sports but it depends on which sport you are playing.

If you are a runner, you would want to maintain a lean body type as to avoid excess stress on the joints and other injuries.

Football has a wide range of body types and it would depend on the position you want to play. If you're going to play as an offensive or defensive lineman, you would have to be large and strong. But if you want to play as a wide receiver or corner-back, you would want to maintain a lean body type so that you can move as fast as possible.

Research the sport and position you would like to play and attempt to maintain a body type that will bring you success in that sport.

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Q: Does an athletes body position affect their performance?
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Why do athletes need to have equal muscle mass on upper and lower limbs for maximum performance?

So you stay balanced throughout your body. Your arm muscle affect your legs while running and pumping your arms.

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How does age affect performance in sport?

when you are older your body starts to fail you

Why is it important for athletes to keep the body fat low?

Female athletes who have too little body fat often experience amenorrhea and loss of bone mass, which can lead to stress fractures and osteoporosis. The athlete's level of performance also decreases.

Does Lowering the core body temperature before competition help athletes perform better?

Athletes running in a hot, humid environment may have an increased risk of heat illness. In the 2004 Olympic Games, American and Australian athletes were provided with ice vests designed to cool their bodies before performance. The vest appeared to be effective in keeping body temperatures down and improving the performance of the marathoners. However, body temperatures have not been reported when the vest was used before an actual competition.

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Does the basketballs shooting position affect you're shooting percentage?

Your body position is easier at about the head, not to high for your arms, not to low.

Why does a heart attack affect sport?

heart attacks affect an athlete's performance. Obviously if the heart stops, then it stops pumping blood and oxygen throughout the body which will cause the athlete's performance -and life- to cease.

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What are the common industrial uses of Arginine?

Arginine is used by many body builders, athletes and sports people. It is an amino acid which helps enhance performance, strength and stamina of those who take it.

How does work effect sport performance?

Work- Work could affect your performance because if you have a job that you have to do lots of manual labour you will be exhausted/fatigued by the time you come to perform. Also if you work alternating shifts your body becomes confused and you will be tired and this will affect you performance. If you have a stressful job this can also affect your performance one because you may be thinking about other things and two it might make you tried or feel unwell.