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Q: Does an amateur's caddy get anything if the amateur wins the US Open?
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What happens to the money if an amateur wins the US Open golf tournament?

No. Amateurs can participate by Invitation of course, but cannot get paid any amount. Think about it. There not pro yet, so they are not on that pay level. The payday IS playing at a Major.

Are Olympic competitors amateurs?

No, the Olympics used to be a solely amateur competition when it very first started however now it is open to both professional and amateur competitors. The USA basketball team has competed at the Olympics and you can't get much higher paid than some of them.

Are there any Open auditions in manukau for amateurs?

Well I'm sure there are many amateur theatre companies that you can audition for, just look online. If your not part of the Actor's guild, you can't audition for professional shows.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Mini-Golf Open - 2012?

The cast of The Mini-Golf Open - 2012 includes: Jorge Andres as Commentator Neil Casey as Official Patrick Cassels as Caddy Johnathan Fernandez as Caddy Birch Harms as Caddy Rob Lathan as Caddy Alex Scordelis as Commentator Charlie Todd as Commentator

Who francis ouimet caddy in US Open 1913?

Eddie Lowery

Who was Hal Sutton's caddy in the Phoenix Open in 1986?

horace white

What amateur won 4 major golf tournaments in the same year?

No Amateur Golfer has ever won The Masters at Augusta National.

If an amateur wins the British open does he get the claret jug?

Yes, an amateur would win the Claret Jug if he won the Open Champoinship. However, he would not win the prize money, as that would contavene his amateur status

Do US Open amateurs get to keep prize money?

No, they get no money. Just prestige.

Arnold Palmer caddie 1957 Houston open?

His grandson, Sam Saunders was his Caddy for the 1957 Houston open.

Why won't amateur surgeon 2 open?

because it wont.

Will the highest placed pro golfer receive the title of a tournament won by an amateur?

If the competition is an open the champion would be the winning score amateur or pro. However some competitions have pros as the winner and runners up and an amateur as the winning amateur.