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Q: Does aluminum composite or half and half make the ball go farther?
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Does the 2011 tpx h2 hybrid sound composite or aluminum?

Half & Half!

What does half and half mean on a composite bat?

half and half means that the bat is made of both graphite and aluminum they will never hurt your hands when you hit the ball and the sweet spot will be larger but when you try to bunt there is a slight chance to crack the bat because the bat needs to be put ing more force into the ball than the ball is putting into the bat

Is the nike imara alloy bat composite?

I just got that same bat (for $25 I can't believe it) and I'm pretty sure that it is half composite and half aluminum but I can't be sure. It makes a funny noise when you hit something with it and its not pure composite or pure aluminum so I think its a mix.

Why are baseball bats made from soft wood?

Softer wood allows the bat to have a slight give, so instead of snapping in half every time it makes contact with a ball, it can be used more than once and not create safety hazards for defensive players.

What is a half ball called?

A half ball is called a hemisphere.

Is 96 composite?

Yes, all even numbers are composite numbers because you can multiply half of it by 2.

Jonathan ran 850 yards Alan ran half a mile who ran farther?

Alan ran farther.

Game played with a half-inch ball?

The game played with a half inch ball is ROULETTE

What is a half back used for in football?

The half back is actually misleading. As aligned from the ball at the line of scrimmage, the half back, sometimes called a tailback is furthest from the ball and is the primary ball carrier.

Is there a city in Nevada farther west than Los Angeles?

Yes, about half of the state of Nevada is farther west than Los Angeles.

Is a magic composite bow or a magic shortbow better in runescape?

The magic shortbow was, and is, better than the magic composite bow.Especially now that longbows have become shieldbows and composite bows didn't retain their half and half status of being between the long/short for speed/range.

Why is aluminum light weight?

The nucleus of an aluminum atom weights half that of an iron atom. Not only that, but the spacing between aluminum atoms is greater (its fluffier) so the two effects make aluminum less dense.