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Yes he does

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Q: Does alex tait rugby playerhave a girlfriend?
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How old is Alan Tait?

Rugby player and coach Alan V. Tait is 53 years old (born November 2, 1964).

Does Mathew Tait have a girlfriend?

yes. he does, he is married and his wife is pregnant

Does Shaun Tait have a girlfriend?

He is dating with an Indian girl Mashoom Singha.

Who is Matthew Tait's Girlfriend?

i think her is elizabeth Hayden a friend of mine told me

Who is Mathew Tait?

An international rugby player for England and Newcastle Falcons. Height: 5'11". Weight: 12.5 stones. Plays at centre, wing or fullback.

Is Michael tait gay?

No. He has recently stated in a radio interview that he has a girlfriend and hopes to marry her. He has mentioned previous girlfriends in the past.

What has the author Archibald Tait written?

Archibald Tait has written: 'Information for Archibald Tait'

What is the birth name of Brian Tait?

Brian Tait's birth name is Brian William Tait.

What is the birth name of Don Tait?

Don Tait's birth name is Donald S,Tait.

What is the birth name of Eddie Tait?

Eddie Tait's birth name is Stewart Edward Tait.

What is the birth name of Marion Tait?

Marion Tait's birth name is Marion Hooper Tait.

What is the birth name of Maureen Tait?

Maureen Tait's birth name is Maureen Regina Tait.