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yes. higher pressure = better bounce

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Q: Does air pressure inside a soccer ball effect it's bounce?
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Air pressure effect on soccer ball?

Actually, Recent studys have shown the lower the pressure the farther it goes, But the higher the pressure the better the bounce.

What causes a soccer ball to bounce?

the air inside of it

How a soccer ball bounces?

A soccer ball bounces as the air particles in them hit and apply pressure at the ball, when it hits a surface, the pressure from the particles apply a force on the ball. Thus, making it bounce.

Does air pressure effect the distance a soccer ball travels?


- Does the air pressure of different balls effect the distance?

does air pressure affect the distance a soccer ball travels

What happen with the air in a soccer ball with a cooled and heated?

The air pressure goes down when cooled, goes up when heated. A soccer ball left outdoors in freezing weather does not have much bounce. Left outside on a hot day, has a lot of bounce.

What happens when a ball lands in a rain Puddle?

If the ball is inflated (like a basketball or soccer ball) it will become harder as external air pressure is reduced. This will make it bounce higher. It will become softer as external air pressure is increased. It won't bounce as high then and eventually, as it becomes soft enough, it won't bounce at all. These statements assume that no air is added to or removed from the interior of the ball. I'm not sure what the effect would be on a solid rubber ball.

Does a soccer ball bounce higher then a basketball?

Soccer balls. It would depend how high they came down from. As soccer balls are kicked high into the air, they probably bounce higher than basketballs which are just thrown.

What do balls have inside to make them bounce?

Different balls have different things inside them. Some modern golf blls are massive polyurethane. A tennis ball, foot ball and soccer ball has air under pressure. a ingpong ball relies on the coefficient of restitution of the plastic (and the trapped air inside). Generally a material that can be deformed and regain its shape quickly (a high coefficient of restitution).

What will bounce higher baseball soccer or a basketball?

A basketball will typically bounce higher than a baseball or soccer ball due to its higher air pressure and elastic properties of its material. However, factors such as the surface on which they bounce and the force with which they are dropped can also affect the height of the bounce.

Can an indoor soccer goalie bounce the ball?

Yes, as long as you are in the box.

Which type of grass makes a soccer ball bounce higher?

turf grass