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Q: Does a yz 85 use a key to start?
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Which is faster klx 140 or yz 85?

yz 85 will smoke it!!

What year is Yamaha yz 85?

the first yz 85 was built in 1977

What is the difference in a yz 80 and a yz 85?

different cc

Will a yz 250 engine fit on the 2003 yz 85?


How fast does a Yamaha yz 85 go?

a yz 85 goes about any where between 60 and 70 m.p.h

Which is faster yz85 or a ttr230?

clooose but yz 85 off start and 230 on long run

How fast does a yz 85?


Will Yamaha yz 85 parts fit a Yamaha yz 80?

so of them will

Can you fit a yz 125 motor into a yz 85 frame?

yes it can i have done it

Do Yamaha Yz 85 have a Powerband?

ofc they do

Is the cr85 or yz85 faster?

the yz 85 is has a faster top speed: yz 85: 140km/h cr 85: 110km/h but the cr85 has a broader powerband. overall the yz is better though myself i ride a kx85

How fast is a 2002 yz 85?

I have a cr 125 and yz 85 and it cud probally hit up to 75 in 6 th gear my cr 125 will hit about 85

How many horsepower does a yz 85 make?


How much is a brand new yz 85?


How tall is a yz 85?

About 42 inches at the seat

Will a yz 85 crank and rod work in a yz 80 motor?

only if you touch my bird,yes it will

What is oil to gas ratio for a 2002 YZ-85?

Use 40:1 and run a BR9EG spark plug.

How big is the Allen key for the front axle of a 02 yz250?

You need to use a 12 mm Allen key for the front axle of a 2002 YZ 250. The YZ 250 is a Yamaha dirt bike.

How fast will a yz 85 go?

swer is 65 to 70

How fast does a yz 85 go?

i would say about 79

When was the first yz 85 invented?

they first came out in 2002

How much faster is a yz 85 to a ttr125?

a lot about 20mph

Ok yz 85 what year is by the vin jyacb07c94a004843thanks?


How much gear oil goes into a yz 85?


Yz 85 top speed?

115-120 km