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no it doesnt. a wrist guard prevents a bowler from breaking their wrist. breaking your wrist means you arent keeping the joint flat and level and it can lead to tendonitis

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Q: Does a wrist guard help to release the thumb easier from a bowling ball?
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What is a tiny hole below the thumb on a bowling ball for?

In tenpin bowling, bowlers who are having difficulty with release, usually related to the ball sticking on the thumb, will sometimes have a very small hole drilled just below the thumb hole, at angle that enters into the lower part of the thumb hole. This is to allow air into the lower region of the thumb hole and prevent a vacuum from taking hold.

What should come out of the bowling ball first?

Your thumb, for best results.

How long does bowlers thumb usually last?

until you quit bowling

What does span mean in bowling?

It is the measurement between the thumb and middle finger, thumb and ring finger and middle finger to ring finger.

I just got my ball drilled and i was wandering if it is normal for a bowling balls thumb to be off center from the two fingerholes please help?

Yes it is. If you pretend you have your fingers in an imaginary bowling ball, you will see that your thumb naturally is off-centre to the fingers

How much is a bowling ball worth?

If your looking to invest in a fairly decent bowling ball, Your probably going to spend around $150, not including drilling, grips, and or thumb slug. However grips and thumb slug are optional. they make the ball easier to hold and more comforatable.

Which fingers do you use to bowl?

When bowling, you primarily use your thumb, middle, and ring fingers to grip the ball. Your little finger may also provide additional support and stability during your release.

Angle at which the bowling ball finger holes are drilled?

It depends on the person's grip, style of bowling, hand strength and intention. They are termed as finger/thumb pitch.

How much weight will a bowling ball loose after the finger and thumb holes are drilled?

Usually about 2-3 ounces.

What comes out last in bowling when the ball is released?

Thumb comes out first. Your fingertips should come out last. Good luck :)

How do you drill a oval hole for thumb in a bowling ball?

Start by drilling a round "pilot" hole, then shape it with an end mill.

How do you keep from pinching the thumb in your bowling ball?

Get a halfway decent drill. I'm assuming it happens right at the base of the thumb? What you probably need to get done is have the thumb hole moved a little right and up (if you're right handed) or if you're left handed get the thumb hole moved left and up.