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Not any more. It used to be that you had to serve to make a point, but that isn't so any more.

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Q: Does a team have to serve in order to score points in regular scoring volleyball?
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What type of scoring is used in volleyball?

It depends on what level you are playing at. I play on my high school team and we use rally score. We go up to 25 points and you have to be at least two points ahead to win the game. For example if the score was 25-24 the game would not be over the winning team would have to get one more point to win the game. Rally scoring is when you win the volley [the ball hits the floor on the other teams side or out on your side etc.] you get a point whether or not your team served the ball. In 8th grade we used the original scoring way. We only went to 15 points then but you still had to win by two points. The original scoring is when you have to serve the ball and win the volley in order to get a point.

How to becom a volleyball player?

in order to become a volleyball player, you don't have to take special classes, and there is never, EVER anyone there at the end to say, "You are officially a volleyball player." The only way to determine that you are a volleyball player is that you play somewhere. Like:1. It could be your house.2. A league.3. A school team.4. The Olympics.5. A contest.6. The beach. (Beach volleyball)7. Take classes at a gym or something.And in order to truly become and be a volleyball player, you must be dedicated. You must follow all the rules of volleyball. No matter what kind of volleyball your playing, Beach volleyball, or regular volleyball, you MUST follow the rules of the game.

How many points must a volleyball team have in order to win a game?

You have to have 25. But you have to win by two or more points. so if the other team has 24 and you have 25 the you have to score one more point to win.

How long are periods in volleyball?

Periods are called "sets" in volleyball and instead of being measured by time length they are measured by points. Each set usually goes until one team reaches 25 points, except the fifth set of a game which only goes to 15 points. A team must win 3 out of 5 of these sets in order to win a game (this differs in tournaments).

How do you do the volley in volleyball?

A volley in volleyball is the name of the thing you do when you hit the volleyball upwards in order to set your team mate up for a smash.

Family feud dream home?

Family Feud III: Dream Home is a PC game based on the popular TV show Family Feud. A player needs to score points in order to be able to customize the dream home built by scoring points.

What is it called when a team is out of order in volleyball?

The team is out of roatation.

What education do you have to have to be a pro volleyball player?

You do not have to have any type of high education in order to be a pro volleyball player. Many pro volleyball players are selected from colleges though.

Why and who invented volleyball?

William G. Morgan invented volleyball in order to create a game with less physical contact for businessmen.

What is the preferred order of shots in volleyball?

bump, set, spike!

If 5 games are played how many point is it played up to in volleyball?

The winner in the 5th game is the first team to score 15 points winning by 2. The score can go as high as needed in order for a team to score two more points than the other team.

What is the idea order of hits in volleyball?

First you have to bump. Then set. Then spike.

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