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No. A stopwatch measures time.

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Q: Does a stopwatch measure distance
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Which tool measures distance a thermometer pan balance stopwatch or meter stick?

Thermometers measure temperature. Balances measure weight. A stopwatch measures time. A meter is a measure of distance or length.

How do you calculate speed and distance of an object?

stopwatch and tape measure

Can you measure distance without a tape measure?

well, a stopwatch and a speedometer will do. Get the speed and time of going through this distance, and multiply by them, you will get the number.

Does a student need to have a stopwatch need to measure a fall?

yes you do need to measure with a stopwatch try expierment

What instrument is used to measure speed or velocity?

In a vehicle it is the speedometer, but this is driven from the transmission. To get an independent measure, use a stopwatch to time a measured mile or other distance.

What could you measure by using a stopwatch?


What is the measure of an object's physical makeup?

a stopwatch

What equipment is used to measure time?


What experiment could you perform to measure the speed of sound in air when you are provided with a starters gun a stop watch and tape measure?

One person holds the gun and the stopwatch. The other person walks away, unrolling the tape measure ast they go - and stops at an agreed distance. The first person fires the gun - and starts the stopwatch. The second person signals when they hear the shot - and the stopwatch is halted. Divide the time taken for the shot to be heard by the measured distance - and you have the speed of sound.

What is chrobograghy?

A chronograph is similar to a stopwatch. Not only does it function as a sort of stopwatch, it can also calculate speed and distance.

How can you find the speed of an object that is in motion?

-- Mark its location as you start your stopwatch. -- After some time has passed, mark its location again as you stop the stopwatch. -- Measure the distance between the two marks. -- Read the elapsed time on the stopwatch. -- Divide (distance traveled)/(time to travel the distance) . The quotient is the object's average speed during the interval. The shorter the measurement interval, the closer the result is to an instantaneous speed.

How do you measure bowling speed with a use of a stopwatch?

you don't

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