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The goal keeper must wear a jersey distinguishable from his team and the opposing team. This is almost always interpreted to mean he must wear a different color.

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Q: Does a soccer goalie have to wear different color shirt?
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What equipment does a soccer goalie need?

Besides normal soccer clothing, shinguards, and a shirt that is of different color than the two teams playing and the other goalie. Gloves are useful, but are not required.

Why does soccer goal keeper wear different color?

the goalies wear different colour shirts so that the referee can tell between the outfield players and the goalie. If the goalie didn't wear a different shirt, an outfield player could handle the ball and get away with it, as it might bbe hard to spot who touched the ball.

What color shirt Italian soccer players?

light blue

What color is the soccer team la galaxys jerseys?

home shirt is white, away shirt is black

Who wears the number 1 in soccer?

in FOOTBALL the first choice goalie traditionally wears the number 1 shirt.But there is no rule that prevents any other player in a different position on the pitch from wearing the number 1 shirt.

What is the proper attire for soccer?

Player: Shirt, Captains armband (if you are captain), Gloves (if you are goalie), shorts, long socks, Shin guards, Cleats with NO spikes. Manager: Suit and Tie

What color is a soccer referees uniform?

normally it would be black but sometimes depending on the players kit it could be either yellow shirt or green shirt

What is the average uniform for a soccer player?

Soccer jersey(shirt) and soccer shorts The average footballer wears, shoes, high socks and a protection around their legs, which the socks hides. They also wear shorts and a shirt. The captain of the team wears a cotton thingy around their arm. The Goalie wears non-friction gloves and sometimes a soft helmet to protect their heads if they were to slam in the poles.

Are numbers assigned to positions in Soccer?

They used to be but now days no one cares. my cousins goalie wears 99 on his shirt. the numbers are random or what the player prefers. like me, i just wear my lucky number.

Why do a red car and a red shirt looks different in color?

The are different huesIf they are the same hue, they have different specular properties (shinyness - the car is shiny the shirt is matte)

Largest soccer shirt?

The worlds largest soccer shirt is 168 ft. it is enough to cover the statue of liberty.

What do you wear to a soccer game in a big stadium?

soccer shirt and jeans