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Q: Does a sacrifice count as a plate appearance in calculating on base percentage?
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Do walks count in slugging percentage?

no. a walk is a plate appearance

Does an error count as a plate appearance?

Yes. It will be scored as an out. It will count as being on base though so it will not negatively effect an on base percentage.

A sacrifice bunt in baseball doesn't seem to count against on base percentage is a sacrifice bunt therefore not considered to be a plate appearance?

It is in fact the only stat that may not be included as a plate appearance. While unique it is also confusing because it is up to the discretion of the scorekeepers as to whether or not the batter was bunting in an attempt to make it on base, or if they were indeed bunting to progress other players. If the scorekeeper rules that the player was in fact trying to progress other players with a disregard for whether or not they themselves make first base, then indeed it does not count as a plate appearance (unlike a sacrifice fly which regardless of the intention will always count as a plate appearance, but not an at bat.)

Does sac fly count toward on base percentage?

Yes. While a sacrifice fly does not count against your batting average it does against your on base percentage. On base % = (hits + walks + hits by pitch) / (at-bats + walks + hits by pitch + sacrifice flies)

What is the difference between plate appearance and at bats?

walks count as plate appearance but doesnt count as a time at bat

What is formula for calculating least count of dial gauge?

0.01 mm

Does catcher's interference count as a plate appearance?

It s a plate appearance, but not an at bat

Do outliers count when calculating the range of a box and whisker plot?

no max-min

Does a sacrifice count as at bat?

No but it does count as an RBI if a run scores

Does a sacrifice count as a hit?

No, a sacrifice does not count as a hit nor as a time at bat. There is a special statistic kept for sacrifices.

Does a sac bunt count as an at bat?

No, a sacrifice bunt does not count as an at bat.

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