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No, since a sacrifice bunt does not count as an at bat the batter's average stays the same.

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Q: Does a sacrifice bunt hurt your batting average?
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Batting average is the oldest and one of the most important statistics used in baseball. Steps: 1. Add up your hits. 2. Add up your at bats. At bats include every time you hit safely or hit into an out, including a strike out. Getting on base by an error or fielder's choice is considered an out. A Sacrifice, walk or hit by pitch is not counted as a hit or an out. 3. Divide your hits by your at bats. 4. Round off the number to the third decimal place. For example, .33051 is .331. Tips: A walk or a hit by pitch will not hurt your batting average but will increase your on-base percentage. If you hit safely but are out trying to get an extra base on the same play, it is still considered a hit. Warnings: Batting average is not as important for a leadoff hitter as on-base percentage is. Source:

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