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You may be thinking of when a right handed golfer would wear a left handed glove.

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Q: Does a right handed golfer use right handed clubs?
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Can a left handed golfer and a right handed golfer use the same clubs?

Interchangeable Golf Clubs?The part of the club which strikes the ball is reversed on the left-handed golf club. No. A LH club is the mirror image of a RH club.Certain blade putters, such as the legendary Bullseye putter designed by John Reuter in the 1940s (still made today by Titleist) can be played by either a right or left handed player.

Should tall golfers use longer clubs?

A golfer should use clubs of a length that is comfortable for him or her. Generally, that means that a taller golfer will use longer clubs and a shorter golfer, shorter clubs.

What does a golfer use?

Golf clubs, Golf balls and a Golf glove.

What is the maximum number of clubs a golfer can use in an organised tournament?

You are allowed to carry 14 clubs maximum in your bag for organized tourneys whether you use them or not.

What pro golfer use Adam golf clubs?

Burnard langer on the champions tour.

What is the most number of golf clubs a golfer is permitted to use in a round?

In competition rounds, players are strictly limited to 14 clubs.

Why does a professional golfer usually own many types of clubs?

A professional golfer will have many, many clubs because it will give them a lot of options, they will have clubs with different degrees of lofts and different types of shafts. They will use these clubs if they feel they are not hitting their current clubs well enough or just want a change. They will also be given plenty of clubs by the brand they are with and by brands who want them to endorse their clubs.

What golf club do you use in the rough?

you can use any club, but as a dedicated golfer the better clubs to hit out of roughs are irons, wedges,and hybrids.

I need new golf clubs and I am 5'5 should I use mens?

It completely depends. Are you a lady golfer, or a junior golfer or are you a male golfer? If you are a lady golfer, I would still recommend ladies clubs, this is because you will need a quicker swing speed and need to be quite strong to use mens clubs, and using them may hurt your game instead of improving. If you are a junior golfer you have two choices, either get a set of ladies clubs and use them for a while until you grow out of them, or get a set custom fit. You will probably need an inch or two taken off them depending on how high/ low you hold you hands. You will of course grow out of these, and you could get them extended and bent when you do. If you are a fully grown male, then yes, you probably should use mens' clubs, again custom fitting is your best option and will hopefully help your game.

Are champions able to wield two-handed weapons in Lord of the Rings Online?

Champions can use two-handed weapons in Lord of the Rings Online, the only two-handed weapons they cannot use are two-handed clubs, staves, and halberds.

Are polar left handed or right handed?

Bears don't use their hands.

What do you feel when you use your right hand in drawing?

normal if you're right handed and stimulated if you're left handed

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