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No. A player can enter free agency out of college, but limits his chances of receiving an NFL contract.

The Above answer is Incorrect.A Player MUST enter the NFL draft and only becomes a free Agent if he is not drafted.

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Q: Does a player have to enter the NFL draft?
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Can a freshmen enter NFL draft?

No. You have to have 2 years of college to enter the draft.

How do you enter your name in the NFL draft?

Impress NFL scouts.

Will Brandon tate enter the NFL draft?


When did ray rice enter the NFL draft?

2008 nfl draft. Round 2, pick 55(overall)

What needs to be done to become a NFL player?

you need to be good in college then enter the nfl draft. if you get drafted then you need to go to training camp

When did Peyton Manning enter the NFL?

1998, he was the #1 pick in NFL Draft.

Can a player re enter nfl draft if not drafted 1st time?

Nope, they are going to be admitted to a free agent

How do apply for the NFL draft?

You have to tryout for the draft and if youre good enough they let you enter

How can you play in the NFL?

First off, you have to be an incredible football player. Then you have to play college football for a few years, then you enter the NFL draft, and hope you get drafted.

Did mark sanchez enter the NFL draft?

Yes in 2009

Can a player re-enter nfl draft if not drafted 1st time?

yes if he dosent sign a contract with the team that sekected him he can

Is there a 400lb seven ft Australian rules football player trying to enter the 2010 nfl draft?

aaron sandilands

What overall pick was Tom Brady in the 2000 NFL draft?

Brady was the 199th player selected in the 2000 NFL draft.

Can you go into the NFL as a junior?

A college player can enter the draft after his junior year, but if he is not drafted, he cannot return to play his senior year in college.

How many years of college must you complete to enter the NFL draft?


What do youi need to do to enter the NFL draft 2009?

Contact the NFL or tell your agent to call the NFL to let them know you are eligible.

Do you have to be a freshman sophomore junior or senior in college to enter the NFL?

None of the above. The NFL can draft who they wish, when they wish.

Does the NFL have to draft college player or can they just recruit?

The NFL has a 7 round draft. However recruiting does happen with players who are undrafted.

If a player enters the nfl draft in doesn't get drafted can he go back and finish this collegiate career?

No he cannot. Once he declares to forgo his senior year and enter the draft his collegiate career is done.

Who is the fastest player in the 2009 NFL draft?

devin hester

What was the last team to draft a black player in the NFL?


Who is the heaviest player in the 2011 NFL draft?

Michael Jasper

Did colt mccoy enter the NFL draft?

yes played 3 years in college

Who was the last player taken in the nfl draft of 2009?

David Johnson was taken by the Pittsburgh Steelers last overall in the 2009 NFL draft.

Can a player refuse to enter draft after declaring for the NFL?

Yes. When a player is drafted during the NFL draft the team that drafted them owns the signing rights. So, if the player refuses to play they will have to wait a year and then get signed as a free agent. If that team doesn't do anything with the signing rights to the player they will not play in the NFL that year. If a player is not drafted they become an 'undrafted free agent' and are immediately available to be picked up by any team.