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Yes cause this is backcourt violation which would end up being the other teams ball which would reset the shot clock

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Q: Does a new count start if the ball is batted out of bounds in the backcourt?
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When does the 5 count stop during an out of bounds play does it start when it is released from the inbounders hands or when it is touched by someone already inbounds?

out of the hands of the player out of bounds

If you call timeout in the backcourt to avoid a ten second call does the ten seconds start over when you inbounds?


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In high school basketball does the 10 second count start over after a time out?

Yes. Unlike other levels of play, the 10 second count starts again after a time out, ball going out of bounds or any other reason which stops the clock.

In basketball on a made basket the count to inbound the ball starts when the ball is at the disposal of the throw in team when does an official start his 5 second count?

As soon as the player out of bounds has the ball in their hands. In cases where the ref has been waiting for a player to take the ball out of bound, they may lay the ball on the floor and begin to count.

How does a soccer ball game start when the ball is kicked out of bounds?

They throw it in.

When does the 3 second lane count starts?

The 3 second call in the lane does not start until the offense has brought the ball into the front court. There is no three-second count during rebounding action or during an out-of-bounds throw-in, until the ball is inbounds. The count on a player in the restricted area is suspended when that player begins to try for a goal (shot).

When does that clock start after a penalty?

whatever the status of the clock is at the time of the infraction, is when the clock will start on the next play. example if the previous play was an out of bounds play then the clock would start on the snap. if the previous play was in bounds, then the clock will start when the referee blows the 25 second clock in

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