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It depends on how susceptible it is to being hit again and whether moving your joint would make it worse.

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Q: Does a hairline heal fracture need to be cast?
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Do all hairline fractures need casts?

Yes..You Can Get A Cast For Just A Hairline Fracture It Still Means You Have A Fracture (break) And A Cast Will Be Used To Mend The Bones because however serious It Is The Fracture Will Need To Be Mended Hope This Helps

How long will you wear a cast after a hairline fracture?

How long a cast is on depends on the location of the hairline fracture. In sensitive areas the cast will need to be worn longer.

Does a line fracture need a cast to heal?

Depends on the body part

How long does it take a hairline fracture of the wrist to heal?

A hairline fracture of the wrist will not always need to be immobilized. If there is no displacement of the bones, the wrist will heal perfectly without casting. You may find greater comfort using a stiff brace rather than nothing, and the brace is far more comfortable, hygienic and better for the skin than a plaster cast. Your doctor will need to see x-rays to determine if the break needs casting or not. Without the cast you will need to exercise caution since the bone is already weakened, but with normal usage as you can bear it the wrist will heal in the same amount of time as with a cast. See your doctor and have x-rays in any event.

Does a hairline fracture to the neck of the elbow need a splint?

Take it to the hospital or doctor and find out

Do you need to obtain medical care of a hairline fracture of your pinky finger?


How do you hurt your leg that need a month to heal?

fracture it

What bones in the back will heal without treatment after a fracture?

Ribs, need treatment or not still depends on the extend of fracture.

What will happen if a bone tibia and fibula is fracture?

If the tibia or fibula bone is fractured, they will need to be healed. A doctor will put the limb in a cast to help them heal.

How long does a cast need to be worn for a hairline fracture in the wrist?

The actual damage done by carpel tunnel surgery surgery is generally healed within a couple of weeks. However the body's repairs to the damage that has taken place to the median nerve can run into months and may possibly never return to normal. strength returns to the muscles in the hands and fingers very quickly if they were not weakened to badly.

How do you know if you have a hairline fracture in your ankle?

To be certain, you need an X-ray and a radiologist/doctor to read the film and give you a diagnosis.

I have a small buckle fracture in my wrist left wrist and I need to know how long this fracture will take to heal in a hard cast and will a sling help in the healing?

My daughter has a buckle fractue of her wrist. She had a plaster of Paris cast for one week and now has a splint on for 2 weeks, she can take the splint off for showers and when she isn't active. She can return to netball after a further week without the splint. 4Weeks in total.