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yes they do if you are with bam magera

well, actually there is no exact regulations states that Golf cart should own seat belts. But nowadays, there are many golf cart accidents around the world, therefore, it is highly encouraged manufacturers to equipped seat belt on golf cart. And if your cart do not contain a cart, then you could asked him to present you one. It won't cost you much, but you will benefit a lot.

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Q: Does a golf cart require seat belts?
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Can you drive a golf cart on Michigan public roads?

Not unless they have head/tail/brake lights, license plates and seat belts.

Do 1964 cars require seat belts?

Not if they did not come from the factory with seat belts. If they came form the factory with seat belts you are required to wear them.

Where is the fuse on a club car golf cart?

under the seat. the end

Does all cars require seat belts in them?


What vehicles have seat belts for 8 passengers?

In those countries that require seat belts by law, all vehicles that have a seating capacity of 8 people.

Is there a seat belt sensor on a 1999 Dodge Ram seat belts are locked?

Yes, there is a module under the center console. If it is bad the seat belts will not release. hope this helps Shimmy. The seat belts require a power feed from that module to "unlock".

How do you clean mildew stains from the seat of your club car golf cart?

put new vinyl on and be done with it.

How do I build a street legal golf cart?

There are several regulatons in each state that make stree legal vehicles. You have to install things like seat belts and windshields. You can contact your state dmv to find the mandatory regulations for road vehicles.

What is the purpose of laws that require the use of seat belts and helmets?

Safety mostly.

Fuel flow wont stop on carbits a mikunni carb on a golf cart?

Bad needle/seat valve in carb.

Where are the fuses in a ezgo golf cart?

is there any fuses and where are they located on an ezgo electric golf cart. 90s model

Who is required to wear seatbelts when riding in the front seat of a car or pickup truck?

Most states require, at a minimum, that all front seat passengers be wearing seat belts.