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It does if your swing is correct.

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Q: Does a golf ball go farther if its hit harder?
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How can you hit a golf ball farther?

A golf ball can be hit farther by using more strength. A golf ball can also be hit harder by using the right club and hitting the ball with the wind.

what will travel farther a heavy golf ball or a lighter one?


How do you hit golf ball farther?

The easiest thing is to hit the ball out of the centre of the club.

Can you hit a golf ball farther on Earth or the Moon?

Yes I can

What goes farther tennis ball baseball golf ball or ping pong ball?

a golf ball, which can be hit over a distance of more than 300 meters.

In order to increase the final momentum of a golf ball you could?

Hit it harder with a club.

When you hit a golf ball it goes high how do you fix that?

A simple tip for that is move the ball further ball in your stance. If its when you hit your golf ball off a tee, another simple tip is just lower your tee farther into the ground.

Will a golf ball travel farther than any other golf ball when hit by a golf club if the golf ball bounces higher than the other golf balls when dropped from the same distance?

Yes, theoretically. The golf ball's rate of transferring energy (in this case elastic) is dependent on its COR (coefficient of restitution) - which is basically a rate of how rigid the shell is. In simple words, yes. The golf ball that bounces higher than other golf balls is bouncier than the other golf balls. If you hit a rubber ball with a golf club, the ball should travel farther than all the regular golf balls.

What effect does the density of a bat have on the distance that you can hit a ball?

The more dense a bat is, the more harder it is. The harder the bat the less amount of energy is absorbed so the ball will go farther. Main point: Bat more dense- farther hit Bat less dense- shorter hit

What does it mean when a ball ends up in the rough in golf?

It just means they have hit the ball into the longer grass at either side of the fairway. Playing out of the rough is a lot harder than playing from the fairway as it is harder to get a good strike on the ball and you won't get as much spin. And you can also catch a flyer which is where the ball flies of the club face and goes a lot farther than expected.

Is baseball hard or soft?

Get hit by one and tell me. A baseball is relatively hard, but not as hard as a golf ball, but harder than a tennis ball.

Steve hit the baseball 400 feet Lesley hit the golf ball 300 yards How many feet farther did the golf ball travel than the baseball?

300 yards is equal to 900 feet, so the answer is 500 feet.

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