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The temperature of any object does not change its weight. This is discussed in the ccientific principle called the "Law of Conservation of Mass". The puck will be harder and slightly smaller when frozen.

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Q: Does a frozen hockey puck weigh more than a regular one?
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Do frozen turkeys weigh more than fresh?

A frozen turkey does not weigh more than fresh. A 15-lb frozen turkey will weigh 15 lbs. when it is thawed.

Does frozen shrimp weigh more than unfrozen shrimp?

yes because it is frozen and everything frozen weighs more then unfrozen.

Does frozen water weigh more?


Does butter weigh more when frozen?

Yes, it will wiegh a little , more.

Does frozen meat weigh more than non frozen?

yes, it contains more water and locked air in the ice

Why would you want hockey skates to weigh more?

You don't

Does frozen fish weigh more than fresh fish?

Yes, because it's frozen and frost wears more than air

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it weighs the same

Is frozen yogurt better towards your health than regular yogurt?

No, frozen yogurt contains more sugars, carbohydrates and less protein than regular yogurt.

What do think which weigh more liquid or frozen water?

Obviously frozen water. Its a solid after being frozen so it has become a solid. Actually it weighs the same I have conducted this experiment for my science fair and found that they weigh the same.

Does frozen milk weigh more than non frozen?

The act of freezing a volume of milk will not increase or decrease the total weight.

How much more does a turkey weigh when frozen?

None. Temperature dose not affect weight.

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You need to compare the labels to check listed ingredients. Frozen dessert foods frequently contain more sugar and/or flavouring than regular foods.

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I think so because it has frozen water lodged into it :S Iv'e confussled myself :D :PP

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no it doesn't, it takes up the same volume its just that the part ices compress.

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No it weighs less that is why ice forms on the top of water and floats

How much does an average frozen chicken weigh?

The average frozen chicken ways approximately 4 pounds. A larger chicken carcass will contain more fat than a smaller chicken.

What is the difference between frozen yogurt and normal yogurt?

Frozen yogurt is made like Ice cream, and it melts really fast. Regular yogurt is packaged and also has more vitamins and is more healthy for you.

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There Is More Injuries IN Football Than Hockey, Hockey Has Less

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Fish will weigh less after it is thawed because it loses some water when it is thawed.

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Because sea water is more dense than regular water

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Hockey has more padding

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