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yes, a football does go faster because it stops the wind from affecting it better than it being thrown wobbly

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Q: Does a football go further when you throw it in a spiral?
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How can you throw a football further?

im 13 and can throw a ball about 55 yrds, so this is what you do. take your hand and have a tight grip on the football. put your middle finer on the outside of the end lace, and spread your index finger aprat from it [for a better spiral] throw with your legs, the forward momentum wil make the ball go much further, make sure not to throw the ball to high up, for it wont go as far

Why does a spiral in football matter?

it allows the football to go further and hit its target allot better than a wobbler.

Will a spiraling motion football go farther or a wobbling motion football go farther?

A spiraling football will go further than a wobbling. The spiral movement will go further due to air. The spiral uses the air to move smoothly through as a wobbling football is all over the place so its actually using the air to slow down instead of moving smoothly.

How does gravity effect how far a football will fly?

It all has to do with gravity and aerodynamics. The law of gravity is what goes up must come down that's the natural right off the bat effect the other factors come with passer ability, wind, spiral on the ball. Easy explanation The more force used to throw a football and the better the spiral the further the ball will go.

How come if someone throws a spiraling football it will go further than if someone doesn't spiral it?

It will have a better angle

Which will go further foam football or leather football?

Usally leather due to its weight. However it depends how hard you throw it.

Would a soccer ball or a football go further if kicked?

Yes. Throwing can be far if you throw it very hard. Although kicking can make the ball go further.

Will a smaller or bigger football go further?

A bigger football will go further than a smaller football.

Why does throwing a football in a spiral make the football go farther then making it wobble or go end over end?

there is less friction

Do football's spiral when kicked?

A punt may spiral if kicked in a certain way or a punt may go end-over-end if kicked differently. A place kick will probably never spiral.

How do you kick a rugby ball further?

if you spiral kick it, it will go further and more accuratly this kick however is hard to master

Which could go further a Nerf or a pro football?

depends on age or phsical build of a person and weather. lets say a nfl qb is to throw the ball Nerf goes farther

How come if someone throws a spiraling football it will go further than if someone doesn't throw a spiraling football?

Putting that perfect spin on a football is all about the distance, its the precision it creates. Also the spinning makes the ball fly easier in between air particles, which results in the football being able to fly farther with less friction.

How are spiral footballs better than wobbling footballs?

if you throw a spiral, it means you are more coordinated. it also means it will go farther and is more stable. people can also catch it s lot easier.

Will a smaller football go further than a bigger football?

depends how you kick it but probebley yes

Why does a tennis ball go further than a javelin when you throw it and it does go further?

This is because the javelin is much heavier, but at the same time it is very aerodynamic. Hence once you get strong, you could throw the javelin farther than the tennis ball.

Which go farther a Nerf football or pro football by the same quarter back?

A Nerf ball would go further but, less accurate.

Where is the tree you throw the football at on poptropica?

The one to the right f Snoopy. He is looking at it. Go to your items and click "Use" on the football.

How do you throw a good spiral football?

Throwing a football isn't easy and takes allot of practice on your own or with a friend/coach. How you could throw the football depends on how long time you have been throwing a football. Allot of young quarterbacks throw the ball by sliding their hand under the ball, they do this because their hands are to small to throw the football properly. This method could create a nice spiral, but however it's the wrong way! Why is it wrong? Well if you slide your hand under the ball you will get almost no power at all. So if your hand are really small or you if you haven't thrown a football very long time this is a common way to throw the football.Now how to throw the football properly.At first i would like to say that nobody can tell you exactly how to throw the football properly, we can only give you guidelines.The gripMany coaches tell their QB's to find their grip first, I don't agree with that because I have changed my grip many times, so my tip is, throw throw and throw until you have a grip that feels comfortable (but test new grips to see witch grip that feels the best).Throwing motionTry keeping your wrist straight at all time though the motion. Start the motion by taking a step with your left foot (for a right handed player) against your target and at the same time you should take your throwing arm 90 degrees and back (so your little finger is pointing backwards). As I said before always keep your wrist straight through the motion. While going into the throw keep your arm high, above your shoulder is a good measurement. Finally your follow through, when you are about to release the ball (always above you shoulder with you wrist straight) turn your hand so that you index finger is the last finger to touch the ball. If you have done this correctly, your hand should naturally go down to you left pocket (for a right handed player) and you should result in a perfect spiral.

Will a spiralling motion football or a wobilling motion football go farther?

spiral!!it cuts through the air. that's why punts are not kicked end over end, but spiraled like a pass

Can you kick a football on the moon?

yes it would just go a lot further

What place is Port Adelaide on the football ladder?

12th but they will go down further

What is intentional grounding in college football?

Intentional grounding is if you don't throw or go to your intentional grounding.

How does the football pollute the world?

Cause when you go to games the water the players drink they throw it at the grass

Can a wibley pass can go farther than a spiral?

A spiral will go farther then wibley.