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yes because its gay

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Q: Does a fishing pole have a wheel and an axel?
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Related questions

Is a fishing pole a wheel and axle?

Yes, because as your reel in the fishing line and rod, the wheel rotates around the rope to bring the pole back.. Comment if this helped you :))

What kind of simple machine is a fishing pole?

wheel and axle

Is it fish pole or fishing pole?

It is a pole for fishing, a fishing pole. To be a fish pole, the pole would have to be made out of fish or it would have to be a pole that a fish uses.

What do you need to go fishing?

A fishing pole and bait and you need a cast net to get the bait and weights for your fishing pole and hooks for your fishing pole and that's it

What is a fly fishing pole?

It is a pole used for fly fishing, which is type of angling. The art of using an artificial fly attached to the rod, wheel & weighted line, cast into fresh or salt water to attract fish.

What type of simple machine is a fishing pole?

wedgeA fishing pole is made up of 3 simple machines, it is a 3rd class lever, a pulley and a wheel and axle which is your reel.

What a geometric term that describes a fishing pole?

what geometric term describes a fishing pole

Is new fishing pole an adjective?

"New fishing pole" is a noun phrase. New is an adjective, fishing is a noun adjunct (gerund or adjective), and pole is a noun.

Is a paper clip a simple machine?

A paper clip is a wheel and axel or lever

How do you use the fishing pole in club penguin?

Haha this is very easy. All you have to do is hold anyfishing pole and go to the fishing game on club penguin. You will use that same fishing pole you held!

When was the first fishing pole invented?

the first fishing pole was created so long ago,it is unknown.

How do you get a golden fishing pole in animal crossing?

to get a golden fishing pole you need to catch all the fish

Where can one find information on pole fishing?

One can find information on pole fishing at websites like Polefishingmagazine, Power-Pole, Gofishing, Fishingwithrod or Catchnature or at any local retailer that sells fishing accessory.

What is a tool for fishing?

A fishing pole, bait, and a hook.

What is the name of the big fishing pole?

Fishing Rod?

What does a wheel revolve on?

an axel

What is a four letter word for a fishing pole?


What is the effect of larger wheel on wheel and axle?

One of two things: 1. The wheel moves the axel: The axel goes slower. 2. The axle moves the wheel: The Wheel goes faster.

What is a machine a grooved wheel that holds the cable?

wheel and axel

What is Crafty's Pole in World of Warcraft?

Crafty's Pole is a fishing pole that increases your fishing skill by 1000. The "flavor text" on the pole says: "Just holding this fishing pole makes you shiver with excitement. This is possibly the most amazing thing you've ever seen."This item is not available to players in game. Some people have theorized that it is a Gamemasters fishing pole to test fishing in new areas. The link below is to the Wowhead data page for it.

Is a fishing pole biotic?

Biotic means a living thing. Since a fishing pole is a non-living object, it is abiotic.

How much is an old vintage metal fishing pole worth?

Old metal fishing pole mfg. By Boston tackle

Is there another name for a fishing pole that maybe starts with a?

Not sure but some one who uses a fishing pole is called an "angler."

What is the length of a fishing pole in meters?

They can range from 1.7m for a stand-up tuna rod to 3.7m for a surf fishing pole.

What is good for fishing instead for a fishing pole?

fishing nets are good as long as they are legal

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