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Any event after a player appears at the plate -- even being hit by the pitcher on the first pitch -- is counted as a plate appearance.

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Q: Does a fielders choice count as a plate apperance?
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Does a fielders choice count as a plate appearance?

yes. you ground to short with a man on first and they get the force at second... you are 0-1

What is the difference between Total Plate Count and Aerobic mesophilic count?

The Total Plate Count is used to describe the counting that takes place in a plate. The Aerobic Mesophilic count refers to the total aerobic count in a given plate.

How do record a hit to short stop when runners on 3rd and 2nd runner on 3rd goes home play is made on that runner but they are safe.?

if the ball was hit to shortstop and fielded cleanly and a play was made at the plate and the runner safe you would record the run scored as usual, preferably by filllng in the diamond with your pencil and can put fielders choice. You fill in each run scored to make it easier to count

Is standard count and total plate count is same?


What is considered a high plate count?

Usually hundreds of colonies (>300) is considered as a high plate count.

What is the difference between plate appearance and at bats?

walks count as plate appearance but doesnt count as a time at bat

Why Plate Count Agar is used?

it is used to count the colonies

Does the run count on the third out?

no it does not count, even if the plate is touched by the runner the run still does not count!

Does catcher's interference count as a plate appearance?

It s a plate appearance, but not an at bat

Why is a standard plate count performed on food products?

The standard plate count is performed so that the number of microorganisms found in a single gram of food can be determined. To be considered standard, there needs to be a minimum of 25 colonies on the plate.

Which fundamental assumption is the plate count method based on?

One major disadvantage of the viable plate count is the assumption that each colony arises from one cell.

What is total plate count in water?

when you fill your kitchen sink with water and dirty plates...the number of plates in the sink is the total plate count in water. lol

What is the difference between standard plate count and total plate count?

In reference to blood platelet counts, the answer is this. A platelet count will only tell you the types and number of platelets. Full blood counts are more detailed.

What is standard plate count definition?

It is referring to heterotrophic plate numbers in water samples.

Does a stolen home plate count as an rbi?


How do i read Aerobic plate count?

get a tutor

What is the difference between plate count and total count?

A platelet count will only tell you the types and number of platelets not a full blood count which is more detailed

Is runner out if he misses touching home plate and catcher drops ball and runner swats it away?

Yes, runner cannot intentionally dislodge ball from fielders glove.

What is the standard for aerobic plate count?


Does the run count if two outs with the third out being a force out if the run crosses home plate first?

Yes, if the run crosses home plate before the third out is made, the run will count.

How do you compute a baseball players batting average?

Number of hits divided by the official at bats. An error or fielder's choice counts against a batting average as an at bat, but it does not count as a hit. A sacrifice or walk does not count against a batter's at bat totals. These are plate appearances which are different. So, a batter could have 140 plate appearances, 100 at bats, and 30 hits. You would divide 30 by 100, which would give you a batting average of .300.

Can you grow all type of microorganism in standard plate count?


Does run count if runner from third crosses plate?


Do walks count in slugging percentage?

no. a walk is a plate appearance

What function has glucose in Plate count agar?

give energy