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Q: Does a consolation prize mean third place?
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What is constellation prize?

Perhaps you mean "consolation" prize? If so, this generally refers to a smaller, lesser gift or prize given to a non-winner in some sort of contest. It's basic purpose is to console the "loser" for not having won.

What does Salwa mean?

literally, it means consolation, solace, comfort. It also can mean happiness.

Is third an adverb?

It can be either an adverb (finished third) or an adjective (third place). The noun form can mean number three (the third of the month) or a fraction (one third, two thirds).

In the modern olympic games what are the prizes?

They win gold medals (worth US$600) if they are first, silver (worth US$325) if they are second, and bronze (worth US$3) if they are third. Each countries' Olympic federation decides on a cash prize for their athletes (ranging from US$1million for gold in Singapore to no cash prizes in Great Britain)

Who is in 3 for World Series championship?

You mean third place? The Oakland Athletics, with nine.

What does prize mean?

it means to receave something like if you were at a carnival and you got a prize

If you lie about your age to receive a free prize can you go to jail?

Depends what prize we're talking about. If you mean a prize as in something small, it won't matter. If you mean a big prize such as a limited edition game, then you might go to jail for it.

What does 3-for-1 pizza mean?

, Under 12s, South of England' third-place certificate" what does the words in the quotation marks mean?

What does premios in spanish mean?


What does prix mean?

Big prize

What is the name of the very mean and snobby car who always comes in third place in the movie Cars?


What does madeeha mean?

the name madeeha mean prize worthy:)