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Q: Does a college team get a BCS ring when they win a bowl game?
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How many practices can a college football team have for a bowl game?


Who did the Miami Dolphins play when they won the Sugar Bowl?

The Sugar Bowl is a college game and the Miami Dolphins are an NFL team.

How does a team get a Super Bowl ring?

By winning the Super Bowl.

What's the record for most points scored in a college bowl game by one team?

ole miss

What do all members of a super bowl team receive besides a ring?

They get a super bowl trophy along with a ring

What college football bowl team is nicknamed Glucose Bowl?

sugar bowl

Does the team that loses the World Series get a ring?

Yes, the losing team from the Super Bowl does receive a Super Bowl ring. It is half the cost of the winning teams Super Bowl ring. Many players choose not to wear the ring because it symbolizes defeat. The losing team also receives 150 rings for players, coaches and staff. By rule, the cost of the rings may not exceed half of the cost of the winners' rings.

Do you have to win the Super Bowl to get a ring?

Yes they do. The loosing team from the Super Bowl receives a Super Bowl ring as well, but it is half the cost of the winning Super Bowl team's Super Bowl ring. Many players choose not to wear those rings, because it symbolizes defeat.

In what bowl game did mcnair's team play?

they played in the 2000 super bowl game

Who is Home and away in college bowl games?

Home and away refers to the where the game is being played, and the home team often wears white. The team that is the home to refers to what city the game is being played in.

In pro football if the team wins the Super Bowl do the team doctors get rings?

That is left up to the team. The NFL will buy up to 150 rings for the Super Bowl winner. After the players and coaches get theirs, that leaves about 80-85 rings left that the team could distribute. The doctors may get a ring, the ball boys may get a ring, the cheerleaders may get a ring, the people that work in the front office may get a ring. The decision of who gets a Super Bowl ring lies with the team.

If a team dies on its way to the Super Bowl who wins the Super Bowl?

The team that makes it to the game.