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It is much more than a pound. There are different weights, but they start at 6 pounds.

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Q: Does a bowling ball weigh more or less than 1 pound?
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Would a bowling ball weigh more or less out in space than in does here?

Less No gravity

What is heavier a bowling ball with holes or without holes?

obviously a bowling ball without holes, how could something with less material in it weigh more

Certain types of bowling balls when places in water float Explain how this is possible?

Certain WEIGHTS of bowling balls float. Bowling balls have a volume of 6250 cm3. An equal amount of water would weigh 6.25 kilograms. A bowling ball that weighs less than 6.25 kilograms--8-pound, 10-pound and 12-pound balls--will float. 14-pound and 16-pound balls, having a density higher than 6.25 kilograms, will not float.

What are the various weight of a bowling ball?

You can buy bowling balls as light a 8 pounds, or as heavy as 16 pounds. Most professional bowlers use 15- or 16-pound balls. Years ago, professionals almost exclusively used 16-pound balls, but with the introduction of reactive resin coverstock and computer-designed weight blocks. the ball drives through the pins harder and deflects off the pins less. Consequently, professionals found they achieved better results with a slightly lighter ball.

If you have a choice of catching a baseball or a bowling ball both with the same ke which is safer?

catching the bowling ball will be the safest because in order for the KE to be the same the speed of the bowling ball must be less in order to even out the equations.

Would you use a bowling ball covered in wool?

No, the wool would absorb some of the energy, making the bowling ball less effective for its purpose.

What is easier to roll a bolling ball on?

A flat, smooth surface would be ideal for rolling a bowling ball successfully. Usually, wooden floors that were waxed are used in bowling lanes. This gives the bowling ball less friction, thus, giving it more acceleration and less slowing down.

Do light things go into the air more then heavy things do?

Yes, lighter objects weigh less, therefore causing them to stay aloft in the air for a longer period of time. For example, (and this isn't exact, just an example) you can throw a 5 ounce tennis ball higher into the air than you can throw a 13 pound bowling ball.

Which weighs less a pound of feathers or a pound or rocks?

neither they both weigh a pound.

If soccer ball and a bowling ball are about the same size why does the bowling ball have more mass?

A soccer ball is hollow and filled with air, which has little density. A bowling ball is solid material of a much greater density. * Because bowling balls have a standard size, about 21.8 cm in diameter, bowling balls weighing less than 5.4 kg (12 lb) will float in water.

How much do coins weigh?

less than 1 pound Type your answer here...

How do you control the speed of your bowling ball?

Use more or less force than you usually do, more force, faster ball, less force, slower ball.