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Q: Does a basket count if it goes through the basket and bounces back out?
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If the ball passes through the bottom of the basket hits the backboard then goes back through the basket does it count as a score?


What happens if a player shoots the ball under the basket but it goes in the basket threw the net?

To count, it would have to clear the basket and come back through the basket.

If the ball is shot from underneath the rim and goes up through it and comes back down through it again does the basket count?

no it doesnt count

What is the rule if a basketball goes through the cylinder and comes back out?

if it does not completely go through the hoop it does not count as a basket. :)))

If you shoot the basketball through the bottom of the basket and it comes back through is it a basket?


When a wave hits a surface through which it cannot pass through and bounces back what is that called?

When a wave hits a surface through which it cannot pass, and bounces back, that is called reflection.

Why is having a spin to the ball useful in making a basket in basketball?

because if it doesn't have any spin it my be too strong or if it bounces off the backboard or the back of the rim that it will spin back into the basket

How are waves reflected?

When an object hits through which it can not pass it bounces back

When a wave hits a surface through which it CANNOT pass and bounces back it undergoes?


When a wave hits a surface through which it CANNOT pass and bounces back it undergoes what?


What does light do when it is reflected?

light bounces back in any angle but it never pass through

When an object or wave bounces back off a surface through which it cannot pass?

A reflection

Why do you hear echoes when you are inside the caves?

because the sound bounces back because the sound bounces back

When you get a missed shot it is called a rebound?

Rebounding means to put the ball back in if it misses. Say your teamate shoots the ball and it bounces off the rim or doesn't make it in. If you were to be standing there, you could attempt to put it back in the basket, which is called a rebound. Once it gets into the basket, you can no longer rebound.

In basketball Can a shot go through the bottom of cylinder and back through?

Umm no you can't shoot from under the basket

What is reflective light?

reflected light is light that once having hit an object, instead of going through, bounces back.

One difference between reflection and refraction of light waves is that?

reflection is when light its something like a mirror and refraction is light going through something solid that is not like a mirror when light falls on a surface and bounces back, it is reflection and when light is absorbed by the surface or passes through the surface but does not bounces back, it is refraction.

Why when a rubber ball is thrown on to a hard floor it bounces back up?

The rubber ball bounces back up due to its elasticity. Greater the force of through of ball on the floor, more high up the ball will bounce. It follows the rule of motion and inertia.

What happens when a wave is reflected?

it bounces back to where it came from

What happens when sound hits a surface?

It bounces back.

What does it mean when sound is reflected?

It bounces back; echoes.

When any kind of wave bounces off a barrier the bounces the bouncing back of the wave is called?

what is it called

When light bounces back you call it?

When light bounces back, it's called reflection. Light is not the only thing that can bounce back. Reflection also includes an image, sound, and radiant heat.

What type of wave is an S wave?

S waves move back and forth and can't go through liquids. But they can go through solid material. If it hits liquid it either turns into a p wave or bounces back.

When a wave hits a surface and bounces back it undergoes?