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Q: Does a baseball bat weigh one kilogram?
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What weighs about one kilogram?

A baseball bat or a whole "regular" pineapple weigh about a kilogram.

What object weighs 1 kg?

There are actually many objects that weigh a kilogram. One such object is a dictionary. You can also try a pineapple, a bag of rice, a Baseball bat, and an average size textbook.

What objects weigh a kilogram?

One litre of water at 4o C would weigh one kilogram. Scientists have a prototype cylinder made up of platinum-iridium alloy which weighs exactly one kilogram at the international bureau of unit and measurements near by Paris, in France.

How many grams does a baseball bat weigh?

The weight of a baseball bat in grams will vary depending on what one prefers. The average weight for a standard baseball bat is 465 grams.

How much does one kilogram of gold weigh?

One Kilogram

What does one kilogram weigh on earth?

Here on Earth, one kilogram weighs one kilogram.

Does 33.8 oz weigh one kilogram?

No, 33.8 ounces will weigh 0.9582139kilogram and it will not be equal to one kilogram.

What is heavier One kilogram of feathers or One kilogram of bricks?

They weigh the same.

How are baseball bats and softball bats different?

The softball bat and the baseball bat weigh diffrent. The adult slow pitch for a softball bat is from 26oz to 30oz while a adults baseball is from 28oz to 31oz. And the length range is diffrent to the softball one is from 33" to 34" the baseball one is 31" to 34".

How much does one kilogram weigh in pound?

1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds

Would a dime weigh about a gram or a kilogram?

one gram roughly

Does one liter of water weigh one kilogram?


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