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Q: Does a ball travel faster from a wood or metal bat?
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What hits a ball faster metal or wooden bat?

I'd say a metal bat because wood would absorb more energy than metal.

Does paint dry faster on wood or metal?

Most paint dries faster on wood.

Do gum dry on wood faster or on metal faster?

obviously on wood dumb,it absorbs the liquid in it.

Does sound travel faster through air or wood?


What bat hits the ball farthest wood or metal?


How does a Metal Bat hit further than a wood bat?

the wood bends more than the metal. ------------------------ At first, aluminum bats produced a faster traveling ball when the ball was hit sharply, but modern aluminum bats can be tuned to almost perfectly mimic the response off of a wooden bat.

Why can heat travel through metal but not wood?

Because metal is a conductor

What dries faster wood or metal?

i think metal dries faster because if it gets wet it bounces right off and wood soaks it up but it stills dries faster so i really think they both dry faster.

Does sound travel faster through wood or water?


How does a baseball go farther with a wooden bat or metal bat?

"wood is harder than medal." Is a incorrect answer the metal is actually harder and that is the reason the MLB does not use metal bats because they propel the ball at a significantly faster speed. - Clay

Do termites eat wood faster when listening to heavy metal?


How much farther will a ball go after being hit by a metal bat as opposed to a wood bat?

Studies have shown that the speed the ball travels after being hit by a metal bat is 3 to 8 miles per hour faster than a wood bat. This would translate to a ball hit for a home run travelling 20 to 50 feet further off a metal bat as opposed to a wood bat. Click on the 'Metal Bat vs Wood Bat' link on this page to read a very interesting article about these studies that were performed on the two different types of bats.