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No, neither a ball retriever or an umbrella count as a club in your bag. The rules state that to be considered a club it must have a grip, shaft and a clubhead.

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Q: Does a ball retriever or an umbrella count as a club in your bag?
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Is a ball retriever a legal golf club?

No, a ball retriever does not count as a club in your bag.

When a golf club strikes a golf ball the force exerted by the ball on the club depends on?

the mass of the ball and club and the velocity of the club

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Why as Jim Furyk penalized for carrying an umbrella in his golf bag?

beacause a umbrella counts as a club if carried in the bag,if not then the caddy would have to carry it physicaly

Does band count as a club?

Not usually.

A golf ball hits the club with?

The face of the club.

How can you drive the ball further?

rig the ball or club.

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