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A McClellan saddle tree is made up of five wooden parts. The pommel, two side bars, and the cantle (which itself is comprised of two parts joined together with an iron strap). The entire affair is then covered with rawhide which is sewn together using rawhide lacing. This method of tree construction remained constant for the duration of the McClellan's history with the US Army 1859 - 1945.

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Q: Does a McClellan saddle tree have separate parts?
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How is a western saddle put together?

The foundation for every saddle is the tree. They can be wood or what is called rawlide, or fiberglass. The different parts of the saddle are then attached to the tree, the horn, cantle, seat, skirts and stirrups. If it's a show saddle the silver will be attached last.

What is a saddle tree?

A saddle tree is the frame on which a horse's saddle is fitted and built.

What are the parts of an English saddle?

There are many parts of the saddle including the cantle ,pommel, stirrups, stirrup leathers, the stirrups, the tree... Check out this link:

If a saddle does not have a tree what is it called?

A treeless saddle

What are the parts of the English Horseback riding saddle?

tree flaps girth straps

What are saddle skeletons on horses called?

frame The hard part of a saddle is called a saddle tree.

What saddle do you start a young horse with?

I would do a close contact saddle or for western, a tree less saddle

Is it safe to sit on a tree of a saddle stand?

No it is not safe to sit on a tree of a saddle stand if it is brand new or very old

What is the name of a saddle's skelton?


The saddle's skeleton is named?

The tree

What tipe of tree does the dover circuit elite saddle have?

wood tree

Why are the bronchial tree segments functionally separate in each lung?

Because the bronchial tree needs to divide the oxygen into diffrent parts of the lungs.

What is the solid core section of a saddle?

A Tree

Did Bemis carry his saddle up into the tree with him?


How do you assemble an Australian saddle?

Like any saddle it begins with the tree. This can be wood or fiberglass and from this the leather is put on and secured.

I can't tell if the western saddle I have is for a pony or a horse how can I tell?

It sounds like you may have a 'youth' saddle. A pony saddle is pretty small and you would be able to tell right away that it was meant for ponies. A youth saddle is meant for that in-between stage when the rider has outgrown a pony saddle and is still to small for a full sized horse saddle. To find out you can measure the saddle's tree. Take a tape measure and start at the pommel and run the tape to the cantle. This will give you an idea of the size of the tree which is what the entire saddle is based on.

What is the differences between a treeless saddle and an English saddle?

Well any type of saddle can be treeless. Typically a english saddle will be made with a spring tree to offer support and comfort. Treeless saddles can be tricky to fit sometimes, but then so can any saddle in general.

How do you make a saddle?

Saddle making is an art and a science. The maker starts with the foundation of the saddle which is the tree. From that the leather pieces, stirrups, cantel, fenders, ect. This is why saddles are so expensive.

What size saddle tree would a thoroughbred use?

There is no one size for a thoroughbred, you need to find the custom fit for your horse. To find out how to measure your horse for the saddle tree, see the related link.

Why do you think the bronchial tree segments are functionally separate regions in each lung?

Because the bronchial tree needs to divide the oxygen into diffrent parts of the lungs.

What is the tree of the saddle?

The front part of the saddle that's Behind the front outer stitching. What it does is hold the saddle up from caving in. You need different trees depending on how wide the horses withers are.

Can you use an English saddle on a saddlebred horse?

You can use any kind of saddle providing the tree fits the horse's back comfortably.

What is a single-tree saddle mentioned in Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove and other novels?

open crotch Civil War saddle

What are the release dates for Black Saddle - 1959 The Indian Tree 2-17?

Black Saddle - 1959 The Indian Tree 2-17 was released on: USA: 19 February 1960

How was the saddle invented?

The first saddles were probably some type of blanket kept on the horse's back by some form of girth, followed by more elaborate designs. The solid tree came later on, though early stirrups came before the solid tree, the modern paired stirrup that attaches to the tree was the last part of the saddle to become part of the saddle we use today.