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Q: Does a Jet have a motor?
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How do jet pumps work?

by moving of motor

How do you change rotation of 6K709C dayton jet pump motor?

Interchanging the red and black leads in the motor's motor junction box will reverse the direction of rotation on the motor.

What Size of motor in my jet ski?

the vin# is kaw27661E090

Where do you find help on a jet ski?

You could practically ask any Jet ski Motor specialist for help.

Will Kawasaki 750 Jet Ski motor fit in a 650 Jet Ski hull?

yes with some changes

How do you replace an inboard Motor in a boat?

My boat is a 1996 Four Winns Jet boat, and I am replacing a freeze break motor.

How much horsepower does a 432cc have?

wet jet 432cc brute 2 stroke jet-ski motor puts out 50hp

What would be a good motor boat for a teen?

Jet ski

What are the components of a jet pump?

There are different kinds of jet pumps but some of the main components are motor, discharge, jet assembly, lift, suction, nozzle, control value, impeller, and venturi.

Can you on get on a skateboard on saints row?

nope you only get cars, motor cycles, boats, jet skes, helicopters, jet liners, and airplanes. -Nolan02 =)

Jet motor and the motor will open up but it only pushes the boat about 5 mph and well it is a 40 horse motor so what is wrong?

You probably have the wrong type of fuel.

Does it feel the same on a jet ski as a motor bike?

I don't think so because Jet skis seats are bigger and as your riding you have water spraying in your face

How does a 1993 Kawasaki 750 SS jet Ski cool?

Well how does a 1993 Kawasaki 750Ss jet ski cool? The motor of the 1993 750SS and all other two stroke jet skis cool with water that flows through the water jackets of the motor and the exhaust. I will further explain this using jet engine theory. A jet engine sucks in air, squeezes the air, and the blows it out the back end, which in case makes the plane or car move very fast. Well in case of a jet ski, it sucks the lake or ocean water in through the intake grate on the bottom of the ski, runs it through the different areas of the motor and the jet pump, (squeezes it)and then shoots it out the jet nozzle on the rear of the ski, in which case propels the ski through the water. The more throttle the rider gives the ski, the faster the process goes and thus the faster the jet ski will move.

What does a helicopter motor look like?

most look like a small jet engine

What part of a jet ski is dangerous to you hands feet and hair?

ugh the motor i guess

What is the spark plug gap for a 120HP Mercury sport jet boat motor?


Can a Jet Ski go faster than a Shark?

If the motor is blown up .no If running yes.

What size motor is in a 1988 Kawasaki 300 Jet Ski?

30 hp 295 cc

Do you need insurance on a jet ski?

besides motor-less transportation... if you can drive it... you need one!

How do you make a LEGO motor boat out of a LEGO jet-ski?

how do i build a lego small restroom

Which motor is used in helicoptor?

Most modern helicopters use jet engines.

Will jet boat motors get damaged in freezing weather?

They are just like any other motor. Yes

What needs to be burnt with oxygen in a rocket motor?

Fuel : for example - kerosene (= jet fuel), alcohol, hydrogen.

Who produced jet pumps for Montgomery ward?

I have a deep well MW jet pump installed in 1978. The pump has only MW designation, but the motor has the Goulds name on it, so I suspect they were produced by Goulds.

8 strokes of an 8 stroke motor?

ummmm as far as i know there is no such thing as an 8 stroke motor.... there is 2 stroke, 4 stroke, diesel, turbine, jet, pulse jet.... but no 8 stroke....the 4 strokes of a normal 4 stroke engine are suck, squeeze, bang, blow...