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Why are you taking a 3-year-old to an NFL game? Not a good idea.

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Q: Does a 3 yr old need a ticket to a NFL game?
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Does a 3-year-old need a ticket to see a game at FedEx Field?

Yes, a three year old requires a ticket for a game at FedEx Field.

Does a 3 year old need a ticket to a hockey game?

no he does not it is phisyially illegal he doesnot by any means need an ticket but yo 70 year old mama does

Does a 3 yr old need a ticket to a NHL game?

In most arenas a 3 year old would need a ticket. Policy is usually 2 and under are free, providing they sit on your lap. Over 2 need a ticket.

Does a 2 year old need to purchase a ticket for Dallas Cowboys game?

Yes....everyone has to have a ticket to enter =]

Does a 2 yr old need a ticket to a NBA game?

I believe so

How old do you need to be to get a ticket for no seat belt?

u need a seatbelt no matter how old you are

What are the travel documen ts need for airtravel for 14yr old?

for domestic it is need passport nd ticket... for international he or she need ticket passport visa...

Do you need a ticket to get to World's Edge in Pokemon Emerald and if so how do you get it?

You do not need a ticket to go to World's Edge Island (Faraway Island in English). Instead, you need a map called the Old Sea Map. This could be obtainted at previous promotional events for the game. Now, it is only obtainable by the use of Mystery Gift with friends that have the Old Sea Map or by cheating devices such as Action Replay, GameShark, and Codebreaker.

Who was the oldest Quarter Back to play in an NFL game?

The oldest quarterback to ever play in an NFL game was George Frederick Blanda. He was 48 years old when he played in his last game with the Oakland Raiders in 1975

Is their a way were you can watch old nfl games the full game?

i think a 12 year old is stronger

How do you get the old sea chart the mystic ticket and the eon ticket?

U need the Mystery Gift then u need to get an upgrade from winning sumthing but i dunno yet ( NO action replay )

What are the release dates for NFL Game of the Week - 1965 Old Tradition Oakland Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers?

NFL Game of the Week - 1965 Old Tradition Oakland Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers was released on: USA: September 2004

Which old guy do you get the aurora ticket from in Pokemon firered?

you need to go to three island and in the pokemart there will be a survey. fill it out with the answers" link together with all". if you do this then save and turn off the game, when you turn it back on there will be three options,1 continue, game. 3. mystery gift. get a link cable or a wireless together with someone and claim your ticket.

What year did the Super Bowl appear on the ticket?

The Super Bowl didn't appear on the ticket until the fourth Super Bowl. The two teams were the Kansas City Chiefs who defeated the Minnesota Vikings. It also had the words "Fourth World Championship Game" printed on it. Also at the bottom, t The Super Bowl III ticket had the words "Third World Championship Game" The first two Super Bowls had the words "World Championship Game" printed on it. By the fifth Superbowl, the lone designation on the ticket was "Super Bowl". However, on the "Super Bowl" tickets, there usually a designation of the "AFC-NFC Championship Game" in small print. This eliminated the old name of the AFL and NFL, so that the tickets showed that there was now a single league, with two conferences.

Do I need a ticket for 2 year old child for the Daytona 500?

no 5 and over

How much does it cost for a 10 year old to see a Marlins game?

It does not matter the age for the ticket unless they are 2 and under I believe. The price of the ticket also depends on where you sit.

Are old Chicago Bulls ticket stubs worth anything?

I'd say yes. The question would be finding someone who values them. Don't expect too much unless it was the ticket stub to a playoff game or an important game in Jordan's career such as his last game before retiring.

How can you get Aurora ticket in Pokemon emerald?

The Aurora Ticket was once an old event. The only way to obtain it currently is by using a Game Shark, Action Replay, or other cheating devices.

How old do you have to be to get your skippers ticket?

In Western Australia you need to be 14 to get a Skippers Ticket. Perth Boat School trains hundreds of school age students each year.

Oldest NFL quarterback to start a playoff game?

Bret Favre 40 yrs Old.

How old do you have to be to go to kendal calling?

4 months old! So anyone can go really, young or old. For under 11's it is free, but they still need a ticket!

Why cant you play your friends online in madden NFL 09?

If its an old game EA shuts down the server for it so you'll but the newest game

From where can one purchase NFL Street?

There are many places that one might purchase the game NFL Street. As it is a fairly old game (it was originally published in 2004) the best place to look would be either a second hand seller on Amazon or eBay or at your local game trading store.

Do you need a flight ticket for 3 years old child?

You always need to get a ticket. Most airlines will allow children below 2 travel for free , but children age 2-12 have to pay a full or discount price.

Do you have to buy a ticket for a person who is sitting on your lap at a Vancouver canucks hockey game?

it depends on how old the person is : )