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No, it does not. The new Yankee Stadium, like the old one, has no roof.

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Q: Does Yankee Stadium have a retractable roof?
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Does cowboy stadium have retractable roof?

Yes The new stadium does have a retractable roof, but the old stadium did not.

Is the Arizona Cardinals stadium retractable?

Yes. The roof is retractable.

Does the Louisiana Super dome have a retractable roof?

No it is a full dome but I do believe there new stadium will have a retractable roof

Is Lucas Oil stadium a dome?

No, its a retractable roof stadium.

Is Cowboys Stadium covered?

It has a retractable roof.

Is the new Yankee Stadium indoors?

No, it is not. The new Yankee Stadium, like the old stadium, has an open roof.

Do the colts play in a dome?

Lucas Oil Stadium is a retractable roof stadium.

Is the new cowboys stadium enclosed?

It has a retractable roof.

Is paul brown stadium outside or covered?

PBS is an outdoors stadium; no roof, no retractable dome

Do the Arizona Diamondbacks play in a domed stadium?

Chase Field has a retractable roof, so technically yes. The Arizona Diamondbacks have played in Chase Field since 1998. The stadium was the built from 1996-98 and is the first stadium built in the US with a retractable roof.

Do they close the roof at Cowboy stadium when it rains?

It can be done because Cowboys Stadium has a retractable roof. So far, the Cowboys tend to keep the roof closed on most occasions.

How long does it take for cowboy stadium retractable roof to open?

11 minutes

The Houston Texans' Reliant Stadium is the first NFL stadium to have which feature?

The retractable roof was open for the first Super Bowl in Reliant Stadium.

Was Texas stadium supposed to be a rectractable dome?

No! They didn't have retractable roof stadiums in the 70s.

Do the Florida Marlins have a retractable roof?

From 1993 to 2011 the Florida Marlins played at a football stadium known most recently as Sun Life Stadium which did not have a roof. The team is now known as the Miami Marlins. Beginning in April 2012 they will play in their new retractable roof stadium known as Marlins Park. Marlins Park is located on the site of the old Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida.

What is a baseball dome?

A baseball dome is a stadium in which the roof is closed. Some are permanently closed and some are retractable.

What is the first retractable dome roof stadium?

The SkyDome in Toronto Canada. Home of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Do some football stadiums have retractable roofs for when it rains?

Yep, some stadium have the roof for when its rain but some stadium doesn't roof so sometimes they post the game and the other they still play on the rain.

Does the Pepsi Center have a retractable roof?

No, it does not have a retractable roof.

How does the roof on wembley work?

The Wembley stadium has a movable roof and this depends on a hydraulic system to move the huge cover. The retractable roof allows the sunlight cover to be monitored and that allows the grass to grow.

Is Dallas Cowboys stadium open or closed?

Cowboys Stadium, site of Super Bowl XLV in February 2011, has a retractable roof that is closed more often than not.

Do the Dallas Cowboys play in a dome?

Cowboys Stadium, where the Dallas Cowboys play their home games, has a retractable roof. So when the roof is not retracted it then becomes like a dome.

Will Super Bowl have roof closed?

The retractable roof of Cowboys Stadium most likely will be closed for Super Bowl XLV because of chilly weather in the Dallas area.

How do they decide where the Super Bowl will be held?

It's Usually found in warm weather or a nice stadium with a dome (retractable roof)

Will the stadium dome be closed for the saints cowboy game?

The retractable roof of Cowboys Stadium likely will remain closed because of a forecast of cold weather on Thanksgiving Day, 2010.