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Yes. It was used for the first time in 2009.

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Yes for the first year ever it now has a roof.

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Q: Does Wimbledon court no1 have a roof?
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Why don't they put a roof over center court at Wimbledon?

As of 2009, there is a retractable roof on the Wimbledon center court.

What was the 2009 addition to Wimbledon's centre court?

retractable roof

Where can you see a photo of the retractable roof that was built in 2009 over Wimbledon's Center Court?

View all of the related links to see various views of Wimbledon's retractable roof.

How many tennis balls would fill up the whole of centre court at Wimbledon tennis with the roof on?

2`4565.98 Sorry but I do not understand this answer. can you put it in english??

How many people does Wimbledon center court hold?

The capacity of Wimbledon Centre Court at the time of the 2009 Championships is 15,000.

How long does it take the Wimbledon roof to close?

== == One hour The process takes 56 minutes and 30 seconds - and the roof should only be operated when the stadium is empty.

How does the Wimbledon roof open?

Somebody flicks the open switch

What is the main court at Wimbledon called?

Centre Court

International Tennis event played on a grass court?

the Davis Cup and Wightman Cup tournaments

What is Wimbledon tennis court made of?


Can you get snacks at Wimbledon Center Court?

Although nobody sells food in the stands on Center Court at Wimbledon, spectators are permitted to bring food in from the grounds' restaurants and food kiosks. The same is true for the other courts at Wimbledon.

What is the Wimbledon center court song?

There isn't one.