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It really depends on where you live and what time you buy them.

During the US Open, Wal-Marts in many areas carry Wilson tennis balls (because Wilson sponsors the US Open with their tennis balls). Penn tennis balls can be found at Wal-Mart, but once again, it's all about the location. Some stores have it and others don't.

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Q: Does Wal-Mart sell Wilson and Penn brands of tennis balls?
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What are the 4 brand names of tennis balls?

Dunlop, Wilson, Penn, Prince, and Gamma are all name brands of tennis balls.

Where can you buy tennis balls?

at walmart i think

How many different brands of tennis balls are there?

The major brands that are currently sold are: Usually Wilson is the most sponsored ball that is used in major tournaments such as the U.S. Open. * Dunlop * Gamma * Penn * Prince * Volkl * Wilson

What kind of equipment do tennis players use?

Tennis raquets & balls. Are you looking for brands?

Where are Wilson tennis balls made?

Dont care

What kind of tennis balls do they use in the US Open?


Which brand of tennis balls are the most durable?

Wilson usa open

Can you give you name brands of different types of tennis balls?

Click on the 'Approved Tennis Balls' link on this page to see a list of manufactures and ball numbers approved by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) for the 2007 season. There must be at least 200 tennis balls listed on the linked page.

Who has the best brand of tennis balls that bounce the highest Wilson US Open or Penn?

Wilson is far better than Penn. Wilson balls keep their pressure longer and do not have a tendency to fuzz up. Penn is terrible. Penn tennis balls fuzz up really bad and they loose pressure very quickly. Actually the best tennis balls are Dunlop. They keep their pressure much longer and do not get heavy and fuzz up.

Which brand of tennis ball has the least amount of fuzz on their tennis balls?

It's a tie between Wilson U.S. Open or Penn. Either is sure to cut down on fuzz. But the Wilson's get worn out easily but are ah-mazing balls when they're alive!

What brand of tennis balls are used in the grand slams?

Australian Open - Wilson French Open - Babolat Wimbledon - Slazenger U.S Open - Wilson

Who uses tennis balls?

Tennis players use tennis balls during their match.

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