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In real life, i believe, he does.

Apparently, he's nothing like what he's like as the Dead man.

He's more like the American Badass.

Answer: Actually he is nothing like either of those gimmick, he is always pulling some prank on someone expecially the new guys,

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Q: Does WWE undertaker have a good sense of humor?
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Is Undertaker fake?

no the undertaker is in the wwe.

When will the undertaker be coming to the WWE agen?


Where is dead man really what happened to undertaker if there is no undertaker in WWE you will stop watching WWE?

He is in a coma

Will undertaker come to wwe?

The Undertaker is currently with the WWE and is on a break. He should be returning very soon

When will undertaker come to WWE?

The Undertaker will be coming back to WWE Monday February 21 2011

Who is mark calaway?

the undertaker He is a wrestler from the WWE The Undertaker.

Is stone cold better than undertaker?

nope, undertaker is the deadman, he is the best striker in the wwe, he has 20-0 at wrestlemania. stone cold is good but undertaker is better.

Why the undertaker left WWE 2010?

Undertaker is on leave from WWE due to an injury. He is in talks of returning in 2011.

Did undertaker go to raw?

If you are talking about wwe's 2009 draft then no!

Did undertaker and hbk came in wwf or WWE same year?

hbk was in the wwe before undertaker.hbk was in the wwe 5 years before undertaker was.

Does The Undertaker help people?

He is scary and tough only because of wwe he is scary of course he help people he is the man like us just in wwe he is acting. Of course he does. The Undertaker is a good person at heart.

When wiill undertaker get out of the WWE?

You are stupid he will never get out of the wwe