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yes she does

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Q: Does WWE diva maria like tongue kissing?
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Dose WWE diva maria still likes Jeff hardy?

No why wud Maria like a guy that looks like a girl........jk

When you make out do you use your tongue or what Is making out basically just kissing and using no tongue or what?

Making out typically involves using your tongue, but it can also be just kissing without tongue. It really depends on personal preferences and comfort levels with your partner. Communication and mutual consent are key in any physical interaction.

What is the advanced form of french kissing?

The advanced form of french kissing is sticking your tongue in different places and kissing is and making out and differnet stuff like that

When are you also going to be able to date the divas or kiss them like john cena and Maria.?

The only diva he kissed was Maria and that was for storyline.

How do you tongue kiss?

As you are kissing your partner, you insert your tongue into their mouth. Its almost like your tongue and their tongue are caressing each other.When you are kissing slide your tongue into his/her mouth and make sure your eyes are closed. The girl holds the back of his neck. The guy holds her backside or back. Make sure both of you are rubbing tongues

Whats the name of WWE diva maria entrance theme?

Its by Zebrahead. The Song is called "With Legs Like That."

Do you like being a wrestler?

YES!!! I love being a wrestle!! One cause I am a wwe diva and two cause it is an amazing job!!! I am maria the diva and my email is

What do you do when a guy slides his tongue in your mouth?

its called french kissing, and well kiss him back if you like him that is

Do guys like it when a girl sticks her tongue inside his mouth?

Yes, it's called kissing! ;)

Which type of kiss do girls like?

The type of kiss that girls enjoy can vary depending on personal preferences. Some may like gentle and romantic kisses, while others may prefer more passionate and intense kisses. Communication with your partner about what they enjoy is key to ensuring a pleasurable kissing experience for both of you.

Why doesn't my girlfriend like french kissing?

Your girlfriend may not like french kissing for two reasons. 1. She doesn't like to have other people's tongue in her mouth. 2. She's afraid that she could get diseases.

Do guys like it when you run your tongue over their teeth when kissing?

It depends on the guy, I consider it to be Sexy, other might not...