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yes she does her DAUGHTER is called lexi and she is 8 yrs old she also might have a DAUGHTER named alexis

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Q: Does WWE diva Ashley massaro have any children?
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What is WWE diva Ashley's last name?


What is WWE diva Ashley's real name?

Ashley Marie massaro

What is the WWE diva Ashley's full name?

Ashley Marie Massaro.

Who was released from the WWE in 2008?

Ashley massaro Ashley massaro Ashley massaro

Who did ex-WWE Diva Ashley Massaro date?

While a member of the WWE roster, Massaro was romantically linked to both Matt Hardy and Paul London.

How can you get WWE diva Ashley Massaro email address?

You can email her through myspace or if you want the WWE fan email message me and I will get it to you

Will Ashley massaro return to the WWE?

Ashley Massaro has said that she is returning in 2010 and hopefully coming back to WWE.

Is Ashley massaro in the WWE now?

As of October 2010,no.

Matt hard dated any WWE divas?

Yes, he dated the WWE Diva Lita in 2001 for four years. She then cheated on him and went on to date WWE Superstar Edge. He also dated former diva Ashley Massaro I think.

Is Ashley massaro returning to WWE?

Not for a little while if at all.

What is ahsley in WWE real name?

Ashley Marie Massaro

Is Ashley Massaro returning to the WWE in 2011?

It is unlikely that she will be returning.

Ashley massaro come backkk?

Ashley is still recovering and will be back to WWE shortly.

Were does Ashley massaro live?

Ashley Massaro lives in New York, New York. She is a well known former wrestler for the WWE corporation.

Who is Ashley Massaro's best friend?

It is Melina Perez the wwe champion.

Does Ashley Massaro smoke?

yes she has started smoking when she retired from the wwe

When did Ashley massaro started in WWE?

She started on June 27, 2005.

Is Ashley massaro return at WWE after takin care her daughter?

probably not

When in 2010 will Ashley massaro return to WWE?

She said she will return in 2010

When is WWE diva a Ashley returning to the WWE?

She isn't coming back.

Why did Ashley massaro quit WWE?

To take care of her kid and she was getting married

Why did Ashley Massaro Leave WWE?

She needed to take care of her sick daughter

What is WWE diva ashley's middle name?


Where does WWE diva Ashley live?

long island

Is the WWE diva Ashley still fighting this day?