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Q: Does Victoria Beckham have Coeliac Disease?
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What is coeliac disease about?

Coeliac disease that is not contagious but people who have it cannot consume gluten which is barley, rye and wheat.

Is Victoria Beckham single?

No, Victoria Beckham is not single.

What is Victoria Beckham's real name?

Victoria Beckham's name at birth was Victoria Adams.

When did Victoria Beckham get married?

Victoria Beckham married to David Beckham in 4 July 1999

Who did Victoria Beckham marry?

Victoria Beckham married to David Beckham in 4 July 1999

Who is Victoria beckham's husband?

Victoria Beckham's Husband Is Called David Beckham They Have 3 Kid Togeter!

When was Victoria Beckham born?

Victoria Beckham was born on April 17, 1974

What is the name of david beckams wife?

Victoria beckham...

What is the birth name of Victoria Beckham?

Victoria Beckham's birth name is Adams, Victoria Caroline.

Can you have barley with coeliac?

I have coeliac's disease and you CAN NOT have barley it will make you very ill... i have had coeliac's for about 3 years any question's ask me. dont have barley!!!

Should you capitalize Coeliac Disease?

No you shouldn't.

How does coeliac disease affect your body?

poo is why