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Q: Does Usain Bolt run or do a club?
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What is the world record in the 100 meter run for men?

Usain Bolt - 9.58 seconds

When did Usain Bolt start to run?


Who is the faster man in the world?

Usain Bolt, he set a world record in 100m in 2008.

What is the distance of Usain Bolt run in his stride?


What does Usain Bolt do in day to day life?

run :)

Will Usain Bolt out run a greyhound?

Depends on the greyhound

Who can run fast?

Usain bolt did 100m in 9.58s

What is Usain Bolt's pre race ritual?


What does usain bolt do before he run?

Warm up

Can Usain Bolt run 300 feet?


What is the record for the 100m run?

9.58 by Usain Bolt.

How fast does a penguin run?

As fast as USAIN BOLT !!