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Yes; in 1950, under Paul "Bear" Bryant, the Wildcats defeated Oklahoma for a national championship in the Sugar Bowl. Note that this was in the pre-BCS era, therefore winners of bowl games were dubbed "National Champions"

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Q: Does University of Kentucky have a football national championship?
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The University of Kentucky has never been recognized as a national champion in football.

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No. Kentucky won the 1951 basketball national championship but the Associated Press and the United Press International both voted Tennessee as football national champion in 1951. Michigan State was voted national champion by the Helms Athletic Foundation and Maryland was voted national champion by the National Champion Foundation and College Football Researchers Association. BUT Kentucky was awarded the 1950 Football National Championship based on the Sagarin rankings which are recognized by the NCAA>

How many national football championships has the university Kentucky won?

One national championship They shared the Championship with OU. Because the first poll came out before the bowls were played OU was named national champion. After Kentucky defeated OU in the sugar bowl most sources recognized the wildcats as the national champion.

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