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Yes he does , hes my best friend and we do stuff sexually and drugally together ... Because were in love.x

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โˆ™ 2012-08-10 06:42:11
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Q: Does Travis Pastrana do drugs
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Is Travis pastrana engaged?

No, Travis Pastrana is not engaged!!

Are travis pastrana parents divorced?

Yes Travis Pastrana's parents are divorced. Travis Pastrana is a motorsports competitor and his parents are Robert and Debby Pastrana.

What is travis pastrana's mom's name?

Travis Pastrana's mother is called Debby Pastrana.

Were was travis Pastrana born?

Travis Pastrana was born in Annapolis, Maryland.

Who are travis pastrana's parents?

Debby pastrana and Robert pastrana

What high school Travis Pastrana attend at?

Travis pastrana high school

When was Travis Pastrana born?

Travis Pastrana was born on October 8, 1983.

What records has travis pastrana broken?

how many records have Travis Pastrana broken

What color eyes does Travis Pastrana have?

Travis Pastrana has beautiful brown eyes.

What is Travis Pastrana's favorite color?

Travis Pastrana's favorite color is Orange :)

What is Travis Pastrana's birthday?

Travis Pastrana was born on October 8, 1983.

Who is Travis Pastrana's parents?

Travis pastranas parents names are Robert and Debbie pastrana

Who is better at motorcross travis pastrana or Ryan dungey?

Are you stupis Travis Pastrana easily.

What Travis Pastrana occupation?

Travis Pastrana's occupation is as a motorsports competitor and an American stunt performer.

Who inspired Travis Pastrana?

A lot of people inspired Travis Pastrana. His family really supported him

How many gold medals does travis pastrana have?

Travis Pastrana has 11 Gold Medals from the X Games.

Is travis pastrana dead?

No, as of July Travis Pastrana is not dead. He is a motorsports stunt performer and is married and has one child.

Does travis pastrana have children?


Is travis pastrana spanish?


Does travis pastrana have kids?


Does travis pastrana have a disease?

no he does not

Is travis pastrana gay?


How old is Travis Pastrana?

Motorcycle racer Travis Pastrana is 34 years old (birthdate: October 8, 1983).

Does travis pastrana have a brother?

Nope. Travis is an only child.

Where did travis pastrana go to school?

Travis was home schooled.